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Trinity is my daughter and I love her dearly, BUT there is one area that she needs to improve in. Yes, I've mentioned it before. If you haven't guessed, it's her wrestling. We have been working on it, despite the recent setbacks, in hopes that Trinity can eventually start drinking protein shakes and move up a weight class. Alas, it hasn't happened. Instead we have dropped from giraffe-class to teddy-class. The down side is that teddy-class wrestling doesn't have nearly the prestige that giraffe-class wrestling has. The upside is that Trinity has had fantastic success. Here's proof that she's got the stuff:

That's right, she's still got the moves. She's even smiling the whole time. Easy win for the Trin-Monster. Also, she's pretty much making a comeback. Wait, "don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years". If you know where that come from, then you and I are about the same age. Ha! But the point is that she's making great strides in her rehab. We went to therapy today and in five short days she went from having the development of a 4-month old to being in the 10th percentile for 9-month old babies. That's right, Thursday she was acting like an infant. Today she was merely underdeveloped for her age. And that's without much eyesight! Holy schmoly batman, that's amazing! Here's proof that you don't need to see clearly to be athletic:

In addition to crawling everywhere, she's begun to stand on her own by climbing up Autumn and I when we are laying beside her. We didn't get a picture of her standing yet, but here she is on her knees eating my face. Can you tell I'm in love with her? There are very few places I would rather be:

Here is the part where I get a little sentimental. If you're averse to that sort of thing, plug your ears. The next picture is awesome because it holds the most important people in my life. It is also awesome because of the hair. Both have pretty awesome hair. Trinity had great hair because of the sunscreen we plopped in her hair. Autumn had great hair because she was jealous of Trinity. Gotta love her!

Here is the important part. Autumn has be a rock through this whole thing. By thing, I mean Trinity getting taken to the ER, being flown to Boise and not having much of a diagnosis. All that and we still don't know how this is all going to turn out. Autumn has been fantastic. She has cried and laughed with me. She has loved me and Trinity more than I could possibly imagine. The last couple of weeks has shown me that she is the perfect woman for me. Thanks babe!


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