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Seven: A Study in Contrast

Well, I think my last post was about Trinity's birthday and here we are again! I told Autumn that it had been a year, but looking at the date of the last post proves me wrong yet again! So here we are a year (sort of) later and a year wiser (maybe). Certainly I am a year older (I got one right!). But that also means that, you guessed it: my kids are also certainly a year older! Being that it is November, I suppose this post had better be about Trinity. So it is.
My little girl is seven years old?!?!?! I will say that each year the reality of how fast time flies by hits a little harder. I distinctly remember thinking about time when Trin was born, about how long 18 years seemed. Well, I blinked and seven of those blips have disappeared into folders of digital pictures that remind me that a) I didn't take enough pictures and b) I took too many pictures. You could add in c) I need to organize them and delete all the bad ones, but I'll leave that one out for the sake of brevi…