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A Good Day

Guess what? The weather's getting better and better. But not fast enough! I know that the end of August will have me yearning for cooler temps, but until then the cold is what I complain about. I guess that's one thing I really like about Baker is that the seasons are about the perfect length. That said, yesterday's rain didn't have me excited for the weekend. But the sun was trying to peek through the clouds this morning, so we forged ahead, trying to get ourselves outside. Guess what? We did!

Rabbit trail: Autumn's wedding ring and her grandma's wedding ring (from decades previous). See any similarities?

We went up to the trails at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center this morning after a swim at the pool. We thought the kids would like a hike, and it allowed Autumn and I to get a short run in to boot. No, we didn't run with the kids, we took turns watching them.

Trinity is a little concerned about where her mommy is. I think she is down the hill in the …


Ok, so that's a bad blog post title. It's a bad anything title. But it's there and that is that. Easter did in fact just happen a couple of weeks ago. We the kids hunted eggs until their little legs wouldn't carry them any further...

Then they sat and ate until they could walk again. Then they hunted some more!

Victory is mine! (Although, truth be known, Teagan really wasn't as into it as I thought he would be. Still fun though)

One thing I like about our kids is that both share really well. Most of the time.

Yeah, could have zoomed in more. The shot is still a good one though!

Ava, strutting her stuff! Wait, that might be the funky chicken!

Teagan could be seen showing off for all the young ladies...

Another thing that I like about our kids: They're a little goofy.

Coloring eggs. Interestingly enough, neither child picked up the real eggs on Easter morning. They knew which ones had the good stuff!

Egg-strordinary egg coloring helper. Thanks Kate!

Hunting befo…

Hmm, here's some old pictures...

Obviously, a little boy on a slide. Ha! This is a bunch of photos from sometime last month. Many of you (if 2 readers makes "many") know that my blog posts are largely photo driven. If I have new photos, I blog. So most (all?) of my stuff here is family stuff that is centered around our activities. Holidays make things easier to mark, but the mundane has a charm all it's own. Enjoy!

This is a park we went to in LaGrande. Reminder: make sure the diaper bag has wipes in it. Just sayin' Non-diaper-related, Ava shows off her balancing skills.

Trinity hanging out. Or hanging on.

One of the more unique features of the park. I wonder how it handles?


Faster faster! Okay, maybe she's just standing there. This is a gem of a park over in La Grande, Riverside Park is pretty darn awesome. The kids had a blast!

The kids and Autumn went out to a farm out in the valley to check out the calves. Thanks Pam and Robbie! Trinity even got to ride in a backhoe!

Surprisingly, Teaga…

This and That

Here's a few more pictures of the Swarrell Life. We keep moving along here, with our little boy getting a big boy bed. Autumn has been out of town for a few days, but we moved ahead with the transition from crib to bed.Teagan helped me take his crib down, he was so excited to use the screwdriver and help me! I tell you the little guy loves to fix things. The screwdriver is his weapon of choice when it comes to working on things. He was also likes to fix his bed. For the first couple of nights he insisted upon spreading all the blankets from his crib on his new bed. Funny little boy. And so, with all the blankets properly laid on the bed, Trinity took great care in tucking Teagan in. She is as sweet a little girl and as good a big sister as a hone could ask for. So, we're switching channels a little during this post. Don't worry, we'll switch at least once more before it's all over. And yeah, that is a giant Pinocchio. There is a brine foundry here in Baker City. Who w…