Hmm, here's some old pictures...

Obviously, a little boy on a slide. Ha! This is a bunch of photos from sometime last month. Many of you (if 2 readers makes "many") know that my blog posts are largely photo driven. If I have new photos, I blog. So most (all?) of my stuff here is family stuff that is centered around our activities. Holidays make things easier to mark, but the mundane has a charm all it's own. Enjoy!

This is a park we went to in LaGrande. Reminder: make sure the diaper bag has wipes in it. Just sayin'
Non-diaper-related, Ava shows off her balancing skills.

Trinity hanging out. Or hanging on.

One of the more unique features of the park. I wonder how it handles?


Faster faster! Okay, maybe she's just standing there. This is a gem of a park over in La Grande, Riverside Park is pretty darn awesome. The kids had a blast!

The kids and Autumn went out to a farm out in the valley to check out the calves. Thanks Pam and Robbie! Trinity even got to ride in a backhoe!

Surprisingly, Teagan opted not to ride in the backhoe, but did get to play a little in the big green tractor!

I can tell you from experience exactly how much help the kids are in this particular situation...ha! In all fairness though, they do both really like to help.

Four-wheeler ride. The 21st century horse.

Mommy and the dude. Lotta love there.

Better picture. I'm the lucky one.

Teagan got into the mascara. The flash makes this a little creepy.

Fitting photo, since mommy is almost always the one behind the camera. Love both my girls.


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