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Easter Installment #2, last one for sure!

To be fair, I am really over the Easter pictures. This is the last batch for this year. I promise. I am so far behind my other pictures that these just seem so, well, old. But don't worry, cute antics of cute kids rarely get old, unless repeated ad nauseam. I'll spare you that. Wait. TOO LATE! HAHAHAHA!

Yes, my kids like wearing other peoples' shoes. Sometimes they even wear two of the same kind.

Teagan has a weird thing with vacuums. He wants to play with them, then he wants them on. Then he wants them off. It's enough to drive a parent crazy! I finally heard about another child who obsessed over vacuums. He doesn't do it now, which I initially thought was encouraging. Then l learned he is 46 years old now. Hopefully we don't have to wait that long!

Baking cookies! Or was it cake? Does it matter? Licking the spoon rules!

My girls

First really good utensil usage. He is getting good at it now.

Fairly precise for 19 months!

Did I say obsessed? At least he's …

Easter Installment #1

This is pretty delinquent. When was Easter again? It was quite a while ago. But I'm still going to put up the pictures. I don't want pictures of our family to get lost in the big bucket that is my hard drive. The problem is that the writing won't be quite what I would want it to be. It should be something meaningful. But I don't have this vivid recall of the weekend. I remember that it was really nice and the kids hunted quite a few eggs. Because, well, that's what Easter is about...right? Maybe I read that wrong.

Kcia has a great egg hunt that she puts on the day before Easter. It's a mid-morning potluck, so the kids can still get home for a nap...if they're not too jacked up on Milk Duds and Jelly Beans!

Trinity was all business, but Teagan took a little warming up. Once he was started though, it was hard to stop him!

Lisa and Max. The boy is happy outside!

Soccer ball Easter egg? I don't remember those!

Mama and little boy. Baby no more!

"Here T…

Mamas are gone, but the sun came to play!

In general I don't blog during the day. I should, in fact, but working in the yard while I have a chance. But alas, this seems like more fun. Autumn is away on a getaway with friends (read: girls' weekend), so I am the proud owner of two really fun little kids this weekend. Yes, this blog post is way too up to date. I have pictures from two weeks ago that need to be looked at. But again, this seemed like more fun. So did going to the park. So that's what the kids a I did last night after dinner. We loaded up and went to one of the elementary school playgrounds to play. It's cleaner than the local park.

This picture makes the slide look really big. It's not too bad though. Trinity is pointing to the wood chips at the bottom of the slide. "Clean up, daddy, clean UP!"

Yes, Teagan went down the slide too. With (a very small amount of) assistance.

While the slide was good, Teagan preferred the wobbly bridge.

Trinity is growing up so fast. I can't believe …