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Using Words

So, I happen to think this is a funny picture.

But I really would rather talk about words today. Ha, thought you'd just get off easy with a few cute pictures didn't you? Well, you get that, but maybe a little more
Words are really powerful. Even I, as a self-proclaimed wordsmith, do not appreciate the power of expressed language. As we travel our chosen path, both Autumn are discovering the power of the words that we use to talk to those around us as well as ourselves.

A post or two ago was titled "yes" and I still use that as a regular answer to questions about our journey. I also use it in response to our journey directly. It seems to me that so much of how our lives appears depends highly upon how we frame it. Autumn and I were talking about a book that she had listened to on her drive out to Minneapolis. I am not sure about who the author is but the gist of our discussion centered around the power that we have to define our narrative and even possibly our lives t…

Transition Year

What the heck are we doing? Not sure if we can answer that question sometimes, so I'm open to suggestions! As things sit we are a family in two states, soon to be three. We knew going in that it would be an unusual year, but I don't know that we predicted this!

You'll forgive me if some of this sounds like a summary, because it is. There are two reasons for that. First it's to make sure that the actual plan is out there. We might be using the word "plan" a bit loosely as it is more of a direction with options than a set plan. The format of our transition looks (and sometimes feels) messy. I can only imagine what this can look like to someone not involved in the process. Sorry about all that! The second reason is much more selfish. Logistically speaking, it's just easier to put it out there in this format so that we (primarily Autumn at this point because I've been gone for three months now!) don't have to rehash the story over and over. It's …