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6 Month Check-up

I know that we had an update when Teagan turned 6 months, but this is the official doctor's visit. 18lbs, 6oz and 26 inches long. That's 75th and 35th percentile respectively (give or take...). Big boy!

Here's the big man on the comfortable exam table. I am continually impressed with how amiable little (big) Teagan is. Whatta guy!

Can't leave the girlie out of this one either. She likes to sit on our bed and dance to toddler tunes. Here she is clapping to some music, right in the middle of a pile of clean laundry. Need to teach her to fold the stuff before she jumps on the bed...
Fair warning: The following picture and video are sorta graffic. Funny too! This is what happens when you leave the kids with Aaron:

Trinity and Autumn were in Boise for therapy, but I had Alex and Ava for a couple of hours since the girls had Bunco and Bill and Kal had some stuff to do. Bill came over after a bit and while he and I were in the living room, here's what the dynamic duo did to T…

New milestones, grandparents and naked babies

I am just going to cut to the chase and let you know that Teagan rolled over yesterday! The only bad part is that my mom had just left earlier that day, so she missed it. But he was kind enough to do it again for the camera a couple of hours later, so here the big man, doin' what babies do:

Cute vid huh? Not to be outdone, Trinity had to show her stuff too. Check THIS out:

Okay, not exactly a military push up, but she's two years old!

Mom and Harry came down for the weekend and Trinity did what she always does: wraps people around her finger...

Happy naked smiley bath boy

She's going to turn 16 and I am going to wonder where all the time went. I already do. Love you kiddo!

6 Months and a good laugh later...

As you may (or may not) know, Teagan just passed his 6 month birthday yesterday. Yup, time flies. Autumn has started taking pictures of him in the same place every month. I don't know how long she plans on doing it, but it's cute and  makes for good blog fodder.I don't think she actually started the chair shots until almost two months, so I snuck in a pic of when he was a couple of weeks old, just to fill in the gap. Enjoy!

A wee little Teagan on grandma's lap...

I always thought he looked sharp in turtlenecks, very suave. You know, for the ladies...

He's 3 months here, wearing a shirt that was too big for Trinity when she was 6 months. I have heard that it's the boy gene that makes them grow fast.

For this month's installment, we thought he should dress up a little, put on a tie...(psst, it's not really a tie, it's just printed on the shirt)

Hmm, I see a theme with the shirts. I didn't notice it before I put them next to each other. Maybe we should …

You have GOT to be kidding me!

I brag about my kids a lot. I also poke fun at them a lot. I guess it's sort of the same thing. Okay, maybe not so much. All that to say that this post is yet another stinkin' cute post full of stinkin' cute pictures of my stinkin' cute kids. That's quite a mouthful of stinkin' cuteness, so  I hope you're sitting down. Got a chair? Good, cuz here we go...

Teagan can even make a doo rag look good. I weighed him this morning and he's slowing down on the weight gain. He's about 17lbs, 13oz and almost 27 inches long. I don't know what the percentages are on those numbers, but he is in the 99th precentile for cuteness!

More cuteness, not a lot for me to add on this one.

At first glance, Teagan appears to have a halo. It's actually the light from the living room reflecting off of the wall. Still, most babies have something of the divine in them. They are so innocent and precious, which is a good thing when they wake you up at 3am!

I had to edit out th…

Two much fun!

Wow, sometimes I cheese myself out. Seriously, how bad can a blog title get? Well, let's move on like it never really happened...

Friday was Ava's second birthday and the party was Saturday morning. Jen wisely planned the party for about an hour and a half, because the wheels on the bus start to come off if you try to keep two year olds contained for much longer than that. So we packed the kids across the yard and had some great toddler fun! Did I mention the owl theme? You guessed it, it was a hoot!

Birthday girl...always the stylish one!
Trinity, always the eating one. It's comforting though, to know that she's not going to starve herself. I figure that kids that eat and sleep well are well equiped to survive. Have another seconds, Trinity!
Here's the birthday girl blowing out the candles. I believe that she might have had some help from five year old Isaac, who is always ready to rescue a damsel in distress!
Wait, it's Trinity. She's still eating! She sure …

Surprise...more family pictures!

I sometimes struggle with what to blog about. At times I can go on and on about my family, but I wonder if I am simply overdoing it sometimes. I guess you can't get too much of a good thing, plus I'll write better about things that I care about. Both of the kids are at such fun stages, even though they are at very (obviously) different stages. Trinity is so much fun to interact with and watch learn, while Teagan is just so dang sweet! I know they'll change, but I sure do love where they are at right now. Okay, maybe the spitting up won't be missed. Neither will the obstinant throwing. Or the poopy diapers. Wait, getting off on a little tangent here...

Things I will miss:

Trinity squealing and running to me when I pick her up from daycare.
Teagan's baby giggle.
Trinity wanting me to go everywhere with her.
Teagan not wanting me to leave his sight.

Someone knows what he wants...

...and isn't afraid to go get it!

Cute, sweet, fun, etc, etc, etc

Seriously? Ladies, han…

Time Flies...

If you have kids, it goes fast whether you're having fun or not. Autumn and I talk often about how important it is to stay in the moment when it comes to parenting. There are bad habits and annoying things that the kids do that we can't wait to be over, but when those bad habits go, so do many good habits that we are going to miss. With that in mind, let's take a look at a few moments of Trinity:
 I have always heard about how having a younger sibling will cause kids to go back to toys and other things that they used when they were younger. It's true! It's true! Let's just say that this is NOT Trinity's bathtub anymore...
Cutie-patootie. She's so much fun right now. She can be a pickle because...drum roll please...she's two! It doesn't stop her from being stinkin' cute!
Talk about time flyin', this is Trinity at her first tumbling class. How'd we get here so fast?
 Trinity and Ava (green shirt, pink pants) are the youngest in the class,…