Surprise...more family pictures!

I sometimes struggle with what to blog about. At times I can go on and on about my family, but I wonder if I am simply overdoing it sometimes. I guess you can't get too much of a good thing, plus I'll write better about things that I care about. Both of the kids are at such fun stages, even though they are at very (obviously) different stages. Trinity is so much fun to interact with and watch learn, while Teagan is just so dang sweet! I know they'll change, but I sure do love where they are at right now. Okay, maybe the spitting up won't be missed. Neither will the obstinant throwing. Or the poopy diapers. Wait, getting off on a little tangent here...

Things I will miss:

Trinity squealing and running to me when I pick her up from daycare.
Teagan's baby giggle.
Trinity wanting me to go everywhere with her.
Teagan not wanting me to leave his sight.

Someone knows what he wants...


...and isn't afraid to go get it!


Cute, sweet, fun, etc, etc, etc

Seriously? Ladies, hands off at least until he can walk...

One thing that has been happening is that Trinity is wanting to be where Teagan is. I am guessing that she simply wants a little more attention and sees that Teagan is getting it. She's not obnoxious and most of the time she's pretty cute. Here she is going "nigh nigh" with Teagan. I love how she likes to share things with him. Hopefully that stays around when he gets a little older.

She does have her moments. For example: here we have her holding Teagan on her lap. She's doing really well at this, until...


...she wants him off and pushes him. Yup, that's me catching Teagan as his sister shoves him unceremoniously off the front of the chair. We love her, but we don't really trust her.

Here's the part where we part...ways. This picture says it all...cheers!


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