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Banff Log Days 10,11 & 12

Note: This is the fifth installment of my Banff Log. For the first four go here, here, here and here. I know it's been long, but there's only one more after this. Then it's back to our regularly scheduled program!
Day - 10 Date Day #1
I am typing this during nap, so it won’t include our evening activities, as they haven’t happened yet. I might speculate at the end for you though!

It was date day #1, which means that Kal and Jen were off for their date around lunch time. For our morning activity we rode along the Bow River from downtown Banff and parked our bikes for a little hike up Sundance Canyon. It turns out that the recent flooding in the region has left many of the trails washed out and unusable. Being good citizens we of course ignored the signs and hike up a little way up the canyon. It was a pretty steep hike on the side of a steep canyon, so it ended up a short excursion because it really wasn’t a good place for young children. We did see a great little waterfall …

Baby Boy

Well, he isn't a baby anymore. It's not that his third birthday marked some special change in behavior or stature. It's been coming for a while, a little at a time. My guess is that this is going to be a pattern over the course of their lives, that they change suddenly over a long period of time. The kids are so much fun right now. And they drive me a little crazy right now. I hear that's a pattern that continues for a while too. I was walking through the house today, telling Trinity something, and it occurred to me that I am a dad. I have kids. I am married with children (cue "Love and Marriage" them from that horrible show from the 90's). It's all a little surreal sometimes, when I take a step back from the daily rut to look at the bigger picture. But it's also beautiful and messy and imperfect and perfect and heartbreaking and fun and full of so much love. I think that's a good reason to have kids: love.
So Teagan turned three last week. I…

Banff Log, Days 7,8 & 9

Note: This is the next edition in our journey back through our, well, journey into Canada. The first three installments are here, here and here. If you haven't yet noticed, I included three days in this update instead of two. That's because this has the potential to get excruciatingly long. I would apologize if I was sorry, so there! Enjoy the show!
Day 7 - Waterfalls and a Teahouse
I am so glad that it was sunny today. The only thing is that when everything gets wet camping, it can take a while to get dry. Even when it does, everything has a bit of a film on it for a while. But the weather was gorgeous and we had fresh cinnamon rolls from Golden for breakfast! They were SO good! Then we piled back into the car for some site seeing.

Today we traveled to see Takakkaw Falls. It is the third largest waterfall in Canada. On the way there we stopped to check out the spiral tunnels. The spiral tunnels are tunnels built into the Canadian Rockies so that trains can make it up the “Big …