Baby Boy

Well, he isn't a baby anymore. It's not that his third birthday marked some special change in behavior or stature. It's been coming for a while, a little at a time. My guess is that this is going to be a pattern over the course of their lives, that they change suddenly over a long period of time. The kids are so much fun right now. And they drive me a little crazy right now. I hear that's a pattern that continues for a while too. I was walking through the house today, telling Trinity something, and it occurred to me that I am a dad. I have kids. I am married with children (cue "Love and Marriage" them from that horrible show from the 90's). It's all a little surreal sometimes, when I take a step back from the daily rut to look at the bigger picture. But it's also beautiful and messy and imperfect and perfect and heartbreaking and fun and full of so much love. I think that's a good reason to have kids: love.

So Teagan turned three last week. I love that kid. He cracks me up and drives me up the wall all at the same time. I figure I have maybe two years before he's smarter than me. Maybe. He's really strong willed, yet super sweet. He loves cuddles and isn't afraid of pink. He won't run through the sprinkler but he'll ride the Tilt-A-Whirl at less than three years of age. Yep, we're related.

Momstar Autumn working up a few football-themed cupcakes for daycare.

Momstar Autumn also rigged up a birthday (pan)cake.

Full of hot air...yep, we're related!

Momstar Autumn with a bulldog-themed party. Baker Bulldogs that is!

The only thing not bulldog was the cake and that was a gift from Kathi!

Teagan's new crush: Kayley!

So the cake was a hit! For one, it was delicious! Two, it came with toys on the cake...

and three, you can use those toys to eat the cake!


I wonder where he gets the goofiness (Autumn, not me)

Autumn took Trinity shopping to get Teagan a gift. She picked out a toy truck and Jelly Bellies. Let me tell you which was the more popular. Did I mention our family likes food?

It was worth climbing onto the table for. Let's just say that meltdown came soon after this picture.

The next morning was like Christmas. Teagan had trucks and trains and dinosaurs and Legos to play with. He was in HEAVEN!

And what birthday is complete without a bike?

Happy birthday Teagan, we love you!


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