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Oh where do I start? I think that I may have written a blog post within the past 12 months, but it has been erratic enough that I'd have to look and honestly, if I do that there is a good chance that, I'll end up distracted and and before you know it, no blog post. So I'm not even going to look. As I side note, I took a creative writing in the spring and one of the main criticisms of my writing is that it's too loose. I use too many words. Wait, where was I?

Maybe that's because the teacher is a poet she tends to focus on shorter pieces. What happens though, is that I tend to lose my literary voice when I do too much editing, mostly because I don't do it very often. So in order to sound like me when I write, it comes across more...conversational and less precise. So it goes.

But I like that idea and I think that my writing is just fine the way it is for this format. If I really want to do more with my writing, I'll have to refine my craft. But really this i…