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No better way to beat the heat than having a pool party! We invited a few friends, added a kiddie pool full of plastic balls, threw in a wacky sprinkler and VIOLA! It's a party!

Teagan showing his affection for the bouncy horsey thingee.

Max is not quite as enamored as Teagan was. He's still lookin' good though!

Why do girls always have to show off their ability to multitask. Seriously, I tried to eat a popsicle and ride that horse and I ended up pulling a muscle. Not sure which muscle, but I think it's a brand new one that I didn't know I had. Either way, Olivia makes it look easy.

Popsicles all around...I was wondering who ate all the grape ones!

Then there was mayhem. Little bodies, slippery slides, it was crazy!

Get out the way, Ava coming through!


Those girls couldn't move fast enough to get back on the slide. They were having a great time!

Synchronized Rody riding. I believe it will be in the next Winter Olympics. Really!

You see, this is how rumors start.


Birthday Party!

As you may or may not have heard, Teagan just had a birthday. He actually ha two parties, since we were out of town for the actual day. Sunday we had family over to celebrate, and boy did we ever!

Kathi made the cake, which was way cooler than anything I could have done. Tastier too! Thanks Jamma!

Teagan with Grandma, looking cool. He sure like's Trinity's cup!

I can't believe how grown up Teagan is. Here he is playing peekaboo with mommy.

Our gift to Teagan was Rody. Rody is an inflatable horse. He is very bouncy and fun, all the kids love him. Teagan was no exception!

Of course, Teagan also loves cake. And I love this picture, which is why I am using it again...

Oma and Opa with the birthday boy. I think all the little kids were stripped down to their diapers by this time. Trinity and Ava were naked in the pool. Ah the life of a 2 year old!

Teagan is poking Grayson to see if he is real. "Mom, I didn't know they came this big!"

And a parting shot of Rody. Teagan'…

Chunky Butt and Chubby Cheeks...the One-Year Round Up!

It's been a while. Life goes fast, kids grow faster. Can you believe he's a year old? Me neither. There were a couple of parties for our little Teagan, who is not quite so little anymore. I have been thinking about what I would write when he turned a year and I have decided that it won't really matter what I write because it's not sufficient to use words to capture the Teagan experience. But I will try anyway because pictures without any words at all would be B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Oh yeah, these are the pictures that Autumn used for a little project at Teagan's party. One for each month and one at the beginning.

Chunky nothing, look at those scrawny little legs. The second time around was so much different. I think that Teagan was often overshadowed by his sister, ol' what's-er-name.

Yup, still scrawny at a month. The baby fat is starting to come in though...

There we go! Now the roundness starts. It's been fun to watch Teagan's personality come out. We alway…

So Many Pictures, So Little Time

I think I missed an event a couple of weeks ago, but I just don't have room for it this time. It seems like I am putting more and more photos on these updates. Maybe it's to substitute for my lack of words. Of course, you're not here for the words, are you? I knew it! On with the show!

It's funny how things evolve. Trinity is in her toddler bed now, which is very nice. She is up about the same amount, but she is quiet instead of crying in her crib. This picture shows why she is so quiet. And yes, that's a St. Elizabeth newborn hat, for those of you in the know.

I don't realize how big he is until I see a picture like this. Infants don't cuddle like this when they are sleeping, Little boys do.

Yep, he's getting really big. He's getting almost as big as Autumn!

Sure looks like his sister.

I like to think of this as her chicken impression. I think that she was just making sure she didn't hit her head though...

We went to the Marlia Compound on Saturday t…