Swimming and other antics...

As you may have seen, Trinity is prone to certain silly nocturnal activities, like wearing shoes to bed. I have posted the picture again because it's a little silly and fun to see again. There are a few other goofy pictures and then some swimming stuff too. The parent-toddler classes at the local YMCA pool were very helpful this year.

This is how we found her the other night before we went to bed...silly girl!

Just a cute picture.

Last week we went to the Boise Zoo after Trinity's evaluation. Evidently she doesn't pay attention when the sign says "Do not feed the animals!"

Yeehaw! But can she stay on for 8 seconds?

We took the kids to the parent-toddler class at the Y. Trinity has been before, but this is Teagan's first time. What a little trooper!

The last day we tested life jackets out. We started the class by trying to swim while holding our children (without a life jacket). It was really hard and a good reminder to always have your kids in a life jacket.

Part of the exercise is to let them float on their own in the life jacket. A properly fitted one will hold them afloat on their back. It really made Trinity unhappy, since it was her first time not touching anything solid while in the water. The scary part was that we had bought a life jacket for her, but it was not the proper kind and would not have kept her face out of the water. It was a good reminder  to be educated about water safety for kids!

Teagan sure liked jumping! He even went uderwater a few times (controlled and on purpose) and came out of the whole thing without crying or anything!

Trinity, on the other hand, is used to jumping and going under water!

Okay. I know we tend to be our own worst critic, but how does Autumn capture me at my photo-worst? Nice gut dude. Sheesh!


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