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Skiing...part deux

I am not even sure that "deux" is a word. Maybe one of you smart folks out there can help a guy out. Also, since we're off on tangents, check this out:

Seriously? College aged males are most certainly the targeted demographic. Although, I might use this for next year's Halloween costume. But...seriously?

Here is Trinity up at Anthony Lakes, take two. This time with mommy. I still don't have the confidence to do this. I can barely get myself down the hill. And, oh yeah, I sound totally like a dad.
Here's another video, since the pictures that I took came out pretty poor:

This time Trinity has her own skiing photographer. Turns out her uncle Wade got there just in time to get a few snaps of her shussing down the slopes. Yeah, I made sure "shussing" is a word.

My girls. How did I get so lucky?

Trinity and Ava...future snow bunnies. That's my nightmare.

Snow angels...sort of

Never eat yellow snow. Some of the white stuff isn't so hot either.

Putting Kal …

Trinity Update

Not a ton of new stuff, but a few fun things...

Trinity heading up to the lodge at Anthony Lakes Ski Resort

Getting fitted for boots...pretty tired kid. She's a trooper, like her mother. I'm a bit of a whiner.

Up the magic carpet! Go Trinity!

Getting some help from Kal!

A little video of the same...

After saying, "all done" for most of the time that she had boots on, she was ready to smile!

In other news...

Not sure that mom trusts the three year old...

Ta-da! Muffins, ready to bake!

Whoops, it's just not cooking without a little mess...

Party Birthday Party

No, the title is not a typo. There was a birthday party for four (4) three (3) year old children. Did I make it confusing enough? Hope so! Trinity, Alex, Zachary and Ava celebrated turning 3 together this year. I remember growing up with my friend Andy, who was born five days after me and we celebrated quite a few birthdays together. It was a fun time because a) there were many hands to make light the work, and b) we were going to be at each other's party anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Only this time, there were four little birds. Party on!

Trinity and Teagan, warming up for the party! Trinity's smile has been coming along nicely.

Party hats were the order of the day. I think that if this party were to have a theme, it would be Pinterest.

Even Maddy got in on the hat action!

Autumn and a garden gnome. It appears that Teagan is working on his smile too, with slightly less success than Trinity. Fortunately the cute factor is not influenced by the quality of smile.

spare thoughts

I have another update in the queue, but I uploaded way too many pictures to get it done tonight. So you get this one instead. A few random thoughts and I am off too bed. A sick baby girl, and the fact some great friends of ours are having a baby means that I should have been in bed before now. That's the way it goes, I guess. Hope you and yours are tucked in tight while I type this.

Action shot of Teagan and his new race track. The car jumps at the end, how cool is THAT?!?

My girls

Trinity received a digital camera (referred to as "my cheese") for Christmas. I will likely be posting some of her work on here now. I think that she is either a) going for impressionism, or b) has a very cheap camera.


Scraps really isn't a fair word for these pictures, but they're phone pics, so they don't usually get mixed in. Plus, we had two cameras at my mom's for Christmas this year, so phone pics just seemed, well, superfluous. The problem is that to capture kids at there best, you have to be quick and sometimes the only camera you have is the one on your phone. Also, I happened to be cleaning photos off of my phone. So here we go:

The kid is a crack up, this is his smile for the camera.

Mommy and baby boy with the Leavenworth lights

Is Teagan wearing lipstick?

How's it going?

My mom makes Trinity foam on her espresso machine and they have "lattes" in the morning. It's one of Trinity's favorite things!

Confession: this is not from my phone. This is from when Trinity was in the hospital and was off the ventilator and waking up from the sedation. Sometimes it's good to think about all that she has been through. She's our miracle baby.

More Trinity at the h…