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Travelin' Thru

So we're going on a trip in September that may include Canada. (Eh?) That means we need a passport for the she-cub. It's good for five years. Can you imagine having this passport for Trinity at age five? It's ridiculous. She's going to be so different. But we need it so we went and sent off for it today. We had to expedite. Ouch ($$$). They needed a 2x2 headshot so I put the babe in her bumbo and snapped a few photos. Here's the winning shot:

And then, being the artist that I am, I chose an alternate that really showed who Trinity is. This is what she inherited from her mom and dad, poor soul. It's the goofy stuff. It's what makes me smile. Jeez I'm blessed. And you get to see it too. Enjoy!

Bronc Ridin'

Miner's Jubilee weekend is always a busy weekend especially with Aaron playing in the Elks Drum and Bugle Corps. It kicks off Friday night with the Bronc Riding Blowout in which 50 cowboys try to stay on some insanely bouncy horses! The Drum and Bugle corps performs prior to the show and are always a hit with the fans, especially Trinity. She had not had her afternoon nap (we sure tried though!) so she was pretty somber by the time she arrived at the bronc riding. Boy, did she perk up though once the Drum Corps started playing. Her mouth just gaped and a huge smile came over her face as she watched their entire performance so intently.

200th Post! (Also known as a really long post!)

I can't even count that high...not enough fingers and toes. I also have an uncounted number of pictures of my unbelieveably cute daughter. Wanna see? If you're here then you either 1) want to see, or 2) don't have a choice and are now compelled to look at the cute photos that follow. Sucker. Just kidding. Sort of. Enjoy the (long) show!
I don't know if this is really a crawl, but she appears to be on all fours. Mostly though, it is a combat crawl where she scoots around on her belly. Some times she'll even use the rug to pull herself forward. Oh yeah, we're in trouble!
In contrast to the crawling, she also has the relaxation down too. Notice the slouch. Not too good on the spine, but she seems happy enough. Or content, take your pick.
I mentioned before how Trinity lacks the acumen to beat a stuffed giraffe at wrestling. Not very impressive. So what does it say about us as parents when that same girl makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get her dressed sometimes? Uh, no comment…

Our girl and the coolest little cat in town

We have maybe the cutest baby in town. I have a little issue though, since she seems to lose all of her wrestling matches with her stuffed animals. Case in point is the picture below, where you can clearly see that Juniper the Giraffe has her in a deadly submission hold that no self-respecting baby should ever allow to be put on her. As you can see, she clearly needs assistance.
Down for the count?

Last weekend Autumn took me on a date to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. We left Trinity with my dad and step mom for the evening and went out for a nice night on the town. On the way over to Boise, we stopped in Ontario for coffee and a diaper change (Trinity's diaper, not mine) and here is what we are rewarded with: a cute smile!

Also, my folks got a new cat named Franklin Jack. We call him Franky J and he is a very nice cat. He lets Trinity pull his whiskers and his tail and he does not even care. Here is the three of us chilling out on the floor.

While we were gone...

So we had some portraits taken when Trinity was six months old. They originally lured us in with a special deal for $9.99. Then they take like three hundred photos and make you choose ONE. Impossible. But we did narrow it down to just a few. The above photo is one of them.
The weekend of the fourth of July was momentous mainly because it marked the first time we had left Trinity over night. We had both been gone individually, but never at the same time. My mom and Harry came down to watch her for us (thanks guys!). Harry promised that should would be walking and talking by the time we returned. The bad thing was that the day they arrived, Trinity decided to cut her first tooth! So they had a grumpy-pants for a couple of days, but overall a great time was had by all.
The most memorable of moments was relayed to me by my mom over the phone. While my parents and Trinity were having dinner at Autumn's parents' house, Trinity kept leaning way over in her high chair, staring at the ch…

Swinging Swimming and Avocado, doggonit!

It turns out that Trinity REALLY likes avocado...yum! So far it is the only food that she really can't get enough of. We've tried squash, rice cereal, carrots, sweet potatoes and peas too, but nothing comes close to avocado. I can't say that I blame her. In fact, I'm a little jealous. I'd love to have nothing but avocado for dinner. Mmm...
Show us what you had for dinner!

Also, Autumn took Trinity to a water class for a week or so. It was great for the kids because they sing songs and dance around to get used to the water. They even get to use kick boards!

First swing = big giggles and smiles

Digby has been a little attention starved lately, so Lee came over in the plymouth to take her for a play date with Duke. I can't believe the dogs are allowed to ride in the plymouth. There ought to be some sort of law!