Our girl and the coolest little cat in town

We have maybe the cutest baby in town. I have a little issue though, since she seems to lose all of her wrestling matches with her stuffed animals. Case in point is the picture below, where you can clearly see that Juniper the Giraffe has her in a deadly submission hold that no self-respecting baby should ever allow to be put on her. As you can see, she clearly needs assistance.
Down for the count?

Last weekend Autumn took me on a date to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. We left Trinity with my dad and step mom for the evening and went out for a nice night on the town. On the way over to Boise, we stopped in Ontario for coffee and a diaper change (Trinity's diaper, not mine) and here is what we are rewarded with: a cute smile!

Also, my folks got a new cat named Franklin Jack. We call him Franky J and he is a very nice cat. He lets Trinity pull his whiskers and his tail and he does not even care. Here is the three of us chilling out on the floor.


  1. Y'know dude, this is very refreshing and well written! Turk


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