While we were gone...

So we had some portraits taken when Trinity was six months old. They originally lured us in with a special deal for $9.99. Then they take like three hundred photos and make you choose ONE. Impossible. But we did narrow it down to just a few. The above photo is one of them.

The weekend of the fourth of July was momentous mainly because it marked the first time we had left Trinity over night. We had both been gone individually, but never at the same time. My mom and Harry came down to watch her for us (thanks guys!). Harry promised that should would be walking and talking by the time we returned. The bad thing was that the day they arrived, Trinity decided to cut her first tooth! So they had a grumpy-pants for a couple of days, but overall a great time was had by all.

The most memorable of moments was relayed to me by my mom over the phone. While my parents and Trinity were having dinner at Autumn's parents' house, Trinity kept leaning way over in her high chair, staring at the china cabinet. When they looked for what she was staring at, they discovered that she was looking at our family photo that Lorna had placed in the china cabinet. Lorna then took the photo and brought it over to Trinity, who then proceeded to break out into huge smiles! It's a pretty big deal, mainly because we were wondering if she even missed us. It made us both a little emotional, but in a good way! Thanks mom and Lorna!


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