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More Observations, Summer Edition

I might make the dumbest faces imaginable on camera. However, Autumn makes pretty good root beer floats. I guess it balances out.

Yeah, pretty tasty.

It appears to be unanimous. Autumn's root beer floats are AWESOME!

So, this is the moment that I realize that I missed a hornet's nest on the swing set. Let's just say that the game ended quickly. Very quickly!

Autumn and I have a contest to see who can knock a wiffle ball into our neighbors' yard. Not just any neighbor, but the one diagonal. And there is a 14 foot tree in the way. We'll keep you updated.

So, okay, her swing is way prettier than mine. I can only hope that brute force counts for more in baseball than it does in golf. If not, I am in trouble!

The kids are in training. Fortunately they have years before they can even enter the contest. They will learn from dad's mistakes. They will fear mom's skills.

Of course, balancing the ball is the first trick. I am still learning it.

Thoughts about portrai…

Typing and Camping

So this is the second post from an iPad. Yeah, we're getting all fancy-schmancy on y'all. You might think I am bragging, and I am...sort oft, but probably not in the way that your are thinking of. Side note: I love autocorrect, it saves me a lot of time when I am using this dumb touchpad keyboard. Funny enough is that I am bragging because I can actually use the darn thing with some fluency. The keyboard, that is. Not the iPad. Mac products scare this IT guy. But the keyboard works surprisingly well; I can type almost as fast on here as I can with a standard keyboard. Weird. This last weekend we went camping for the first time as a family of four, without anyone else along. Sure was a fun deal, but we did get what I refer to as "camp sleep". Yeah, a little tuckered out the next day. Another side note: my second choice for a name for a boy, after Teagan, was Tucker. That means that the phrase "all tuckered out" would have it's own special meaning. But in …

Buh, Buh, Poop!

So, I am sort of thinking that the title of this blog will get more people reading it than normal. I mean, it's hard to not read something if there is poop involved. Okay, maybe that's just me. Really it's more about gas than anything. Makes you want to keep reading, doesn't it? Ha! I knew I had you hooked! Really it's about Trinity. It's usually about one of my kids, right? Spend any time around here and you know that's the truth. Trinity burped today. Then she tells Autumn and I that she "pooped". We looked at each other and asked her if she needed to poop. She's learning all that stuff right now, so it made sense. "No, me poop" she says. "Did you already poop?" we ask. Then we get it. She had just burped. "Did you burp?" we ask. "Yes."
Now we're getting somewhere. Trinity, the word is "burp". "Poop", she says. "No, buh, buh, burp". And then it comes, "Buh, buh, …