Typing and Camping

So this is the second post from an iPad. Yeah, we're getting all fancy-schmancy on y'all. You might think I am bragging, and I am...sort oft, but probably not in the way that your are thinking of. Side note: I love autocorrect, it saves me a lot of time when I am using this dumb touchpad keyboard. Funny enough is that I am bragging because I can actually use the darn thing with some fluency. The keyboard, that is. Not the iPad. Mac products scare this IT guy. But the keyboard works surprisingly well; I can type almost as fast on here as I can with a standard keyboard. Weird.
This last weekend we went camping for the first time as a family of four, without anyone else along. Sure was a fun deal, but we did get what I refer to as "camp sleep". Yeah, a little tuckered out the next day. Another side note: my second choice for a name for a boy, after Teagan, was Tucker. That means that the phrase "all tuckered out" would have it's own special meaning. But in this case we were tuckered out in the original sense of the word because we didn't sleep great while camping. Camp sleep.
But it was really great to introduce the kids to campfires and weenie roasting and s'mores and all that good stuff. It was also nice to sit by the fire with Autumn and stare up at the stars. Good times.
Forgot roasting sticks, so I cut thorny shrubs and scraped of th thorns with my handy Swiss army knife. The kids escaped the thorns, but not me. That will teach me to bring roasting sticks next time, lesson learned!
More roasting...
For some reason, Teagan had a great affinity for these cheap work gloves...
It turns out it was because they are the perfect tool to avoid the dreaded condition known as "Dorito Fingers"!!!
Yeah, he really was eating chips with those huge gloves! Funny kid!
Teagan wanted on my lap, then wanted Trinity on his. Fun times! If they are still doing this when they are too much bigger, I might not survive!
Teagan went to bed early, but Trinity got to stay up and roast marshmallows with mom and dad. She was so sweet, even wanting to share a s'more with Teagan when he woke up. She was pretty good the the raosting stick too!
Campsite greeters
You sure would feel welcome if you showed u at our site! The kids were great, taking all the camping stuff in stride. It really shouldn't surprise me because kids are good that way, but it was nice to see it in action. They hiked and threw rocks in the water and wandered around the campground with either Autumn or I and we're just as friendly as can be. It was a really nice time. Hats off to Autumn for all the planning that she did to ,are sure we had stuff to eat and wear. Although in all fairness, I rarely change clothes when l camp. I always figure that the smoke smell disguises the sweat smell. Cheers!


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