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Not sure what to name this post...

All I know is that is has both kids in it. This post is long overdue, as usual. But last week I took Teagan in and weighed him, because it seems like he's been gaining a lot of weight. Not that it's a bad thing mind you, it's more a matter of curiosity. As a reference point, here he is weighing in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces. The goop on his eyes is routine medicine they apply to help prevent infections.

Our little bundle of joy!
I have decided to throw in a few pictures that don't relate to Teagan's weight. That way, you have a little suspense! Here's Trinity in her new hat. That's my dad in the background, sort of.
Okay, so this one is sort of related to weight, because, if you scroll up and compare this picture to the one when he was just born, there is a pronounced size difference. Cute bugger, ain't he?
Oh yeah, this one's for the ladies...showin' off the guns for y'all!
Here's Trinity in her church clothes on a Sunday. Yep, even with a little…

The new normal?

As of late my posts have been almost epic in scale. I can't figure out if it is because we're taking more pictures or because I am waiting too long in between posts. Another thing I have noticed is that, more and more, my posts are just pictures with captions. Once upon a time I had things to say, now I just tell you about my pictures. Ah well, so it goes.

Here's Trinity, demonstrating once again who is boss. Sorry granddad!
This is a really nice picture of Lorna and Teagan. My only issue is that Teagan's head looks like it has been photo-shopped onto the body of another baby. It's really him, honest!
Grandma Lorna and our kids. Sometimes it doesn't seem real that Autumn and I have two kids. Then I remember that I haven't slept past seven in about two years. That makes it a little more real...
My dad and Sue came over last weekend for a little visit on Grandparents' day. We hung out in the back yard and played with the kids. It was a great afternoon. This i…

Happy Birthday!

Today is Teagan's one month birthday. Yes, we're back to measuring things in very small increments. Annual birthdays are still at least one year away...ha! Teagan has been a real joy for us as parents and a great addition to our family. He is about as cute as a button and he has also proven that Trinity was not the easiest baby on the block. Autumn and I were worried that any baby who followed Trinity would have a tough time because she was such a good baby, but Teagan has shown is the err of our ways.

Is that gas or a giggle?
That's a happy little boy, happy on momma's shoulder!
Seriously, it has been so great watching this little kiddo grow up. He has gained at least a pound a week since he was born. Between last Friday and Monday he gained half a pound. Now that's some eating! At that rate, I would have to gain 15 pounds in three days to equal his growth rate. That's m'boy! I've said it before and I'll say it again: if they eat and sleep like me, I …

Diary of a telephone

So I was cleaning off my memory card that is in my phone. I scraped and scrubbed and just couldn't get it clean! But I did find some fun photos. The thing about phone pics, at least when it is my phone, is that they just aren't that great a quality. I used to think that it added charm to the photo, but I see now that I was mistaken. It's not charm it's "out of focus", "blurry", or just plain "grainy". Oh well, the content can be fun, so here goes. I think that there are quite a few photos, so hold on to your hat, because this many pictures could cause a breeze!

This is Trinity being very proud of finishing off the bag of peanut m&m's that she chewed into. Nice!
This is Ava, returning after a long day in the coal mines...
Here's Ava sliding at the park. In fact, she's sliding so fast that my can't keep up!
Another digital miscue. It looks like a fun house mirror. Go Trinity!
Where's Trini…

Lots and Lots

A couple of weeks ago we went to Denver for a wedding. Autumn and Angela worked together and ran together for quite some time. Then Angela up and moved to Denver to work as a flight attendant. the airline industry's gain is Baker City's loss for sure. It also appears that this young man is about to gain as well! Congratulations John and Angela!

Ah, lovebirds!
Now here's a couple of good-looking gals!
This last weekend we had Ava staying with us for the weekend. She's about 2 months younger than Trinity and a whole lot of fun. I just can't believe they sat still for this photo!
Okay, maybe they didn't sit still for very long...I think Trinity wants most of the space in the picture!
Okay, this is really hard to tell, but Ava is dancing like a little maniac! She has great little moves which are so fun! Trinity has the "stand and bob up and down" moves mastered, but it's no Ava dance.
We took the limo and the compact car...
Bookstore mayhem, it's great t…