Superlatives (Not to be mistaken for super-laxatives)

That's a word that ends with "-est". Right? Correct me if I am wrong. AND enjoy the following photos, they're the greatest!

Autumn and Teagan are two of my three favorite-est travel companions. You get exactly half a guess to figure out who the third is.

Teagan is clearly the coolest cat at any wedding. The style is undeniable.

This is the funniest and the creepiest wedding photo EVER taken. It was a mistake, the photo was to be of the bride and groom kissing after feeding each other cake. Thanks to digital delay, this is what you get. Thanks Autumn!

These two are the bluest-tongued girls I know...

... and they got that way eating the bluest and ugliest onion dip ever. Go Boise State Broncos!


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