Diary of a telephone

So I was cleaning off my memory card that is in my phone. I scraped and scrubbed and just couldn't get it clean! But I did find some fun photos. The thing about phone pics, at least when it is my phone, is that they just aren't that great a quality. I used to think that it added charm to the photo, but I see now that I was mistaken. It's not charm it's "out of focus", "blurry", or just plain "grainy". Oh well, the content can be fun, so here goes. I think that there are quite a few photos, so hold on to your hat, because this many pictures could cause a breeze!

This is Trinity being very proud of finishing off the bag of peanut m&m's that she chewed into. Nice!

This is Ava, returning after a long day in the coal mines...

Here's Ava sliding at the park. In fact, she's sliding so fast that my camera...er...phone...er...camera can't keep up!

Another digital miscue. It looks like a fun house mirror. Go Trinity!

Where's Trinity...here I am!


I mean, we already knew who was in charge, but did she really have to rub it in?

Getting clean and eating plastic, what else is there?

Here we are at dinner. It's Kal, me, and three toddlers. How does that work at the restaurant? Well, Kal and I sit at the end of the booth and let the little monsters do whatever they want in that space. It actually ended up being really fun! Here's Trinity, doing whatever she wants to a plate of pasta.

Bath pics are Alex's favorite, especially when Ava gets him with a cup of water over the head!

Hey Trinity!

Hey Ava!

Hey Teagan! How was the bath? Looking nice and clean there, little buddy!

Taking Trinity for a walk around the high school football field during one of Grayson's games. Wait, who's taking who for a walk?

Here's Trinity making herself at home in someone else's home. Hey, plastic can't break, right?

Mama and our mama's boy

Say cheese!

I would say that someone has personal space issues, or at least likes to hog all the leg room. I won't mention names...Trinity.

I guess they CAN share a stroller...

Every baby boy needs his first pair of jeans. But not every baby boy makes them look this good!

So Trinity just ate something messy. She's wearing it too, as usual!

Okay, this is an older photo, but still a crowd favorite. 'Nuff said.

Wait...who pooped in the pool?


  1. Oh my goodness! I love all of these!!!! They are so adorable!! I cannot wait to have kids!

    Thanks for sharing, :)

    Marissa Ermovick


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