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First Scoop...and a monkey!

So it's been a crazy couple of weeks for us, which makes our lives about the same as yours. We have, however, been able to get out and do some fun things. This weekend, one of the highlights was walking into town to get Trinity her first ice cream cone. Her uncle Rick gave her money on her birthday for this, so we're finally getting to it. It was the perfect day for it!
As everyone knows, you have to approach an ice cream cone very carefully. You have to study its patterns, learn where it hunts. Only then can you move in for the kill...
Or you can just grab it and bite it!
It was really amazing how well our little girl did with her first cone. She took good bites and even wanted to share. After the first few bites she wouldn't take any more until Autumn and I had take bites ourselves. Very generous if you ask me. I think she gets it from her mother...
There really wasn't even very much mess. Mostly around the mouth area. We had prepared for the worst, even to the point of …

Graduation, Father's Day...Did I miss anything?

Last weekend I graduated. Woohoo! The last few months haven't been very busy, but it sure is nice to be done. Look ma, I'm edumahcated!

Token cute picture with my daughter after the 2 hour the way, I was the first of 453 graduates to walk across the stage. Does that mean I get extra credit?

Speaking of extra credit, here's extra giggles from Trinity. Don't mind the dork who's making her laugh...
Today is father's day. This is my second father's day and the second time that I have spent father's day traveling home. I guess June can be busy, eh? I think I just turned
Meanwhile, my daughter (the reason I get to celebrate father's day) continues to bring me no end of joy and hilarity. We are at the zoo in Portland here and she is super tired. I love it when she is on my shoulders and lays her head on mine. It is one of the best feelings I know of. Her finger in my eye, NOT one of the best feelings I know of.
Of course, she c…


Like the title? I am not feeling too creative tonight, but I am feeling somewhat inspired. Yesterday morning, Autumn and I were lucky enough to get another ultrasound done. The doctor said that she is measuring small, which means we get to take another peak at the little guy! With all the little boys being born these days, I sure am getting a little anxious to meet him! Here's a couple of photos:

Here's the close up And here is the whole enchilada!
And speaking of pictures, we had some photos taken on Sunday. There were a few family shots, but mainly they were for Trinity, who is 18 months old. Our friend Alyssa took them, she does really great work. We were excited about seeing the photos, but that didn't prepare us for just how awesome the photos turned out. I find myself just sitting and looking at them. Wanna see? Go here for the best photos ever!

Atlanta Part Deux

Okay, so I hope someone shows this to my Oma. She's from Munich (actually, Munchen) and she would very much appreciate this little snack vendor...enough said.

Actually, this cart was in the Atlanta Underground, which was a little shopping/hang out area where you can see a little piece of Atlanta history. As it's told, this place was the original train stop, but it became so congested that they started building viaducts over the train tracks. Eventually the viaducts became the main level and the train level was mostly trains and warehouses. Now you know.
Autumn has been a Braves fan since she was a kid. I guess they could only really watch the Braves because the only baseball they could get was know, Ted Turner land: Atlanta. So there you go.
Dale Murphy's number, retired here at Turner Field. I think Autumn had a crush on him as a kid. I saw pictures of him and can't figure out why. Oh yeah, he's a professional athlete.
You just can't go to Turner Field a…

Just in case you were sitting there wondering...

THIS is how you eat pasta:

Atlanta, numero uno

Autumn and I just got back from Atlanta, in case you were wondering why there hasn't been much action on the blog lately. I know that I could blog from the road, but we were working and exploring Atlanta, not to mention a 3 hour time change that messes everything up! My mom and Harry came down to watch Trinity while we were gone, it's good for all of us to do these things. Mom was able to get her grandma time in and Autumn and I were able to get some her-and-me time. Nice! We did call to check in though; we miss her and like to know what she's been up to! One time Autumn was able to talk to Trinity on the phone and Trinity wouldn't give up the phone! It's a little awkward because Trinity doesn't talk much on the phone, she just likes to listen for now. It makes long coversations a little weird for the adult. Here's the view:

Our nephew Mark just graduated high school and so there was a party over at Autumn's folks' house to celebrate. We couldn't…