Like the title? I am not feeling too creative tonight, but I am feeling somewhat inspired. Yesterday morning, Autumn and I were lucky enough to get another ultrasound done. The doctor said that she is measuring small, which means we get to take another peak at the little guy! With all the little boys being born these days, I sure am getting a little anxious to meet him! Here's a couple of photos:

Here's the close up
And here is the whole enchilada!

And speaking of pictures, we had some photos taken on Sunday. There were a few family shots, but mainly they were for Trinity, who is 18 months old. Our friend Alyssa took them, she does really great work. We were excited about seeing the photos, but that didn't prepare us for just how awesome the photos turned out. I find myself just sitting and looking at them. Wanna see? Go here for the best photos ever!


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