Graduation, Father's Day...Did I miss anything?

Last weekend I graduated. Woohoo! The last few months haven't been very busy, but it sure is nice to be done. Look ma, I'm edumahcated!

Token cute picture with my daughter after the 2 hour the way, I was the first of 453 graduates to walk across the stage. Does that mean I get extra credit?

Speaking of extra credit, here's extra giggles from Trinity. Don't mind the dork who's making her laugh...

Today is father's day. This is my second father's day and the second time that I have spent father's day traveling home. I guess June can be busy, eh? I think I just turned

Meanwhile, my daughter (the reason I get to celebrate father's day) continues to bring me no end of joy and hilarity. We are at the zoo in Portland here and she is super tired. I love it when she is on my shoulders and lays her head on mine. It is one of the best feelings I know of. Her finger in my eye, NOT one of the best feelings I know of.

Of course, she can't stay still. So it's fingers in the eye, mouth, whatever...I can't think of too many things that are better than this.

Here's the shot. This is me and my baby girl. I know that she is going to grow up into a little girl, then a (gulp) teenager, then a young woman, perhaps a mother herself. I am going to have to adjust to that, this I know. She's going to change, this I know. She is going to make mistakes, this I know. But one thing that will always remain the same is that she is my baby girl, this I know.


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