Atlanta, numero uno

Autumn and I just got back from Atlanta, in case you were wondering why there hasn't been much action on the blog lately. I know that I could blog from the road, but we were working and exploring Atlanta, not to mention a 3 hour time change that messes everything up! My mom and Harry came down to watch Trinity while we were gone, it's good for all of us to do these things. Mom was able to get her grandma time in and Autumn and I were able to get some her-and-me time. Nice! We did call to check in though; we miss her and like to know what she's been up to! One time Autumn was able to talk to Trinity on the phone and Trinity wouldn't give up the phone! It's a little awkward because Trinity doesn't talk much on the phone, she just likes to listen for now. It makes long coversations a little weird for the adult. Here's the view:

Our nephew Mark just graduated high school and so there was a party over at Autumn's folks' house to celebrate. We couldn't make it, but my mom brought Trinity over to help congratulate her cousin. Here she is talking to her mommy on the phone!

Meanwhile, we were touring the CNN headquarters, where Autumn saw her very favorite news hunk, Anderson Cooper!

Here's some jellyfush at the aquarium...

Here I am on the Coca-Cola couch from American Idol. I am sitting the same place Carrie Underwood sat at one time. At least that's what the attendant said. Notice the cool 3-d shades...

The World of Coca-Cola had a very cool tour that was complete with a 3-d movie. Actually it was 4-d since it rocked the chairs and sprayed us with water...Either way, here's Autumn looking much better in these things than I did.
More to come...


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