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It's Been A While

Haven't posted here in a while, so I am not sure that I remember how. I hope it's like riding a bike. This last month or so has been a bit hectic and I have been feeling a bit low on energy in the evenings, not sure what that's about. I am going to try and get more sleep and hope that helps. Tomorrow night sure isn't going to help though, since there is some socially-obligated need to stay up until midnight. The party will go down like this: "Jeez, it's almost midnight. Where's Aaron?"
"He's over there at the bar."
"What's he doing there?"
"Shots...of espresso." Okay, maybe it won't be like that. I am a night owl, if you haven't figured it out. When Autumn and I were dating (if that is what you call it, since we lived 375 miles apart and saw each other about once a month), I would often send emails at 1am, while she would respond at 5am. Yeah, we certainly have our differences (understatement of the year). B…

Overdue: Patch it up!

Like a lot of things, I have been slack in keeping up with photos. It's either that, or I have already done this post 13 times and am now at the point where I forget almost everything valuable withing 5 minutes of learning it. Well, I guess it could be like that movie "Groundhog Day". But there's really no way to prove it, and if I did then no one would believe me because it's only happening to me. Whew, I am glad we figured that out! Wait, what were we talking about? Ha! On with the show!
With all the running that happened in October, I forgot we went to the pumpkin patch! Okay, I didn't forget. I did, however, forget to tell you about it.

Appropriate colors for Boise in the fall...

Two out of three ain't bad!

A little pumpkin chaos

These two, running things? Scary, very scary.


Someone's first pumpkin patch!

Teagan surprises Autumn with a quick toss of the pumpkin. Better than being caught unawares when someone tosses their cookies, right?