It's Been A While

Haven't posted here in a while, so I am not sure that I remember how. I hope it's like riding a bike. This last month or so has been a bit hectic and I have been feeling a bit low on energy in the evenings, not sure what that's about. I am going to try and get more sleep and hope that helps. Tomorrow night sure isn't going to help though, since there is some socially-obligated need to stay up until midnight. The party will go down like this:
"Jeez, it's almost midnight. Where's Aaron?"
"He's over there at the bar."
"What's he doing there?"
"Shots...of espresso."
Okay, maybe it won't be like that. I am a night owl, if you haven't figured it out. When Autumn and I were dating (if that is what you call it, since we lived 375 miles apart and saw each other about once a month), I would often send emails at 1am, while she would respond at 5am. Yeah, we certainly have our differences (understatement of the year). But we also really like the movie "Hudson Hawk". Don't watch it. Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello made that movie just for us, so you won't understand its greatness.

So this is my reintroduction to blogging. And for those of you wondering, this is what the kids look like:

Teagan loves his sister. He apparently loves doing her hair too.

He also loves doing Kate's hair!

He also loves the Baker Bulldogs!

More to come, and that right soon!


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