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Banff Log, Days 3 & 4

Note: This is the MUCH anticipated second installment of my Banff Log. For part 1, go here. Day three finally brought us to Canada. That's where we pick up this episode...
Day 3 - Sullivan Lake to The Canadian Border to Radium
We woke up to chirping squirrels and birds and a sleeping Teagan. He was uncovered in the early morning but went back to sleep when Autumn covered him up. I snuck out and started some water for coffee while the campground slept. It was about 6:45 and the perfect time to be up and about. Teagan woke up and Trinity came trotting around after spending the night with mom and Harry, which ended up being really good for everyone. A quick clean and pack and we were on our way.

About 25 minutes later we hit the Canadian border where we had to show ID and Teagan and Trinity were officially international travelers! We stopped for pictures and the officer checking our paperwork stamped some papers for the kids. The mosquitos welcomed us as well, making our Canadian debu…

Banff Log, Days 1 & 2

Note: I have been keeping a running journal for our trip to Canada. I will be posting over the next few days to get and keep you all up to date on our goings on. It's hard to keep track of us because we're moving fast!
Day 1 - Baker to Spokane
Autumn and I scramble to get out of Baker as soon as we can after work. I obviously am a little freer to leave than she, but we still get home about the same time because I had to stop and pick up her bike from the shop. Nevertheless we hit the road at a respectable 4 o’clock, the diesel humming a steady tune as we head west on I-84. The pickup will run better mileage if we keep the rpm level down, so we cruise at a steady 62 mph. It seems slow but soon becomes simply the speed at which we travel. Honestly I wouldn't be as comfortable driving the beast much faster given that we have the loaded camper on the back.

Waiting for their ride to Canada!