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Whoops! And I Went For A Run...

Whoops is because this first set of pictures is from May. Dad and Sue came for a visit, and this is what ensued...

Sue and Trinity on the swings

I have no idea where my goofiness came from.

I get sick of choosing the best photos. So, here's the worst group shot of the bunch. So there! Mind you,  I am the one who took the photo. You might think you're laughing at the photo, but you're really laughing at the photo that I took. Now who's laughing? Not me, I'm crying...on the inside. But just a little, more of a manly tear running down one cheek.

My new favorite photo of Sue!

Dad played the old man card and walked...haha!

Here's me showing off.

And here's Teagan right before I took a bad turn and dumped him off the sled. Nice job daddy!
Somewhere in there, and I can't remember when it was, I ran a 5k here in Baker, up at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. It's the most interesting 5k in town because it's not run around downtown. It's held on…

Take a Hike! And...I'm sort of a wuss

We went out on a short hike the other day, since we have so much easy access to wilderness around here. That, and it's better to be outside than inside! Yes, too many pictures were taken and I have spared you from most. Ha!
This is usually my view as I try to keep up!

This time wasn't really my fault though, since I was in charge of our little dreamer. She did really well, walking the first half mile without anything but her curiosity slowing us down. 

Photo shoot

This is sort of a random photo, but the girl is off-the-charts cute. Couldn't help myself.

Trinity doesn't get her cuteness from me, that's for sure!

The kids had fun getting out of the house.

Teagan gets his descending technique perfected...

Then it's on to the ascent! Don't worry, we're almost there!

Tree hugger

Mommy and baby boy. Not going to be a baby much longer!

I think Trinity speaks for all of us, especially on a warm sunny afternoon!

Random shot. This was on Memorial Day (after the …

Their Turn

Trinity and Autumn went to Phoenix with Kathie and Kayley to visit Kim. While Teagan and I were bored at home, these girls were having a blast! Let's have a peek at what their week looked like:

It turns out that, whatever they were doing, it involved drinks by the bucket-load!

New fashion?

I don't know about your, but the gal with the black feet should ask for her money back. I mean, seriously. That's a pretty messed up pedicure.

Vacation = pastries for breakfast in your underwear. Well, if I am being honest, I was doing that at home.

Who says noodles are only in pasta?

Water fight!


Water park fun!

So blessed to have these girls in our lives!

Autumn and Trinity also met up with Aunt Terry!

Giraffe feeding station. Must be pretty high up in the air. Duh.

The petting zoo is always a hit!

Bounce park. Is that a term? I don't know, but the place had a bunch of bouncy toys. Kids' delight!


This is How We (Egg) Roll!

Get it? The second picture has egg in it. It's funny...right? Hey, I can't help it if my humor is too sophisticated for you. This week has been quite the adventure. Autumn and Trinity went to Phoenix with friends, so it was me and Teagan alone for a guys week! Autumn took the smaller camera and I was unwilling to lug the big one around. That means pretty bad pictures. That's okay, I think they get the point across.

Friday night was drum corp night! The biker rally was in town, so we played at a few choice spots around town. The best place was Gary Shermer's retirement party. If anyone has earned a little bit of relaxation, it's him.

Saturday Teagan and I went all over town, but first we had a good breakfast!

We played with Legos

We went swimming. For obvious reasons I have no actual pictures from the pool itself. You know, phones don't get along with water very well. That and I had a two year old to watch.

We jumped in a bounce house...well Teagan and Ava didn…