Take a Hike! And...I'm sort of a wuss

We went out on a short hike the other day, since we have so much easy access to wilderness around here. That, and it's better to be outside than inside! Yes, too many pictures were taken and I have spared you from most. Ha!

This is usually my view as I try to keep up!

This time wasn't really my fault though, since I was in charge of our little dreamer. She did really well, walking the first half mile without anything but her curiosity slowing us down. 

Photo shoot

This is sort of a random photo, but the girl is off-the-charts cute. Couldn't help myself.

Trinity doesn't get her cuteness from me, that's for sure!

The kids had fun getting out of the house.

Teagan gets his descending technique perfected...

Then it's on to the ascent! Don't worry, we're almost there!

Tree hugger

Mommy and baby boy. Not going to be a baby much longer!

I think Trinity speaks for all of us, especially on a warm sunny afternoon!

Random shot. This was on Memorial Day (after the hike, I think) when an F-15 from Klamath Falls flew over the cemetery here in town. It was impressive for sure, the sound really rumbles in your chest!

Oh yeah, the wuss thing. We had a bat in our umbrella out in the yard. It was my job to evict him. I am guessing that I screamed like a girl at least once. It was a little embarrassing, which is why I decided to tell all of you about it. I get jumpy about things, what can I say? We had a wild rabbit living (and pooping) in our garage for a few days last year. I was so jumpy trying to flush it out. Yeah, like it's going to attack me...ha! But I did prevail in the end, which somehow justifies my wuss-like behavior during the extractions. There, I probably just made you feel very brave.


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