This is How We (Egg) Roll!

Get it? The second picture has egg in it. It's funny...right? Hey, I can't help it if my humor is too sophisticated for you. This week has been quite the adventure. Autumn and Trinity went to Phoenix with friends, so it was me and Teagan alone for a guys week! Autumn took the smaller camera and I was unwilling to lug the big one around. That means pretty bad pictures. That's okay, I think they get the point across.

Friday night was drum corp night! The biker rally was in town, so we played at a few choice spots around town. The best place was Gary Shermer's retirement party. If anyone has earned a little bit of relaxation, it's him.

Saturday Teagan and I went all over town, but first we had a good breakfast!

We played with Legos

We went swimming. For obvious reasons I have no actual pictures from the pool itself. You know, phones don't get along with water very well. That and I had a two year old to watch.

We jumped in a bounce house...well Teagan and Ava didn't I just watched.

We went rock climbing...

We played with tractors

We visited Emerson!

We had a spot of tea! (insert your own British accent, although I'll bet that mine is better)

We ate dinner. Teagan really wanted his own big piece of squash. So I armed the boy with a plastic knife and let him go to town. Surprisingly, there wasn't much mess. 

Teagan and I had a few treats hiding around the house for us. Teagan got a Twinkie! Yum! Yeah, there's a few chemicals in there, but a boy only lives once!

And we played with Ava. Can't believe how fast he's growing up!

Also, can't wait for the girls to get home!


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