Their Turn

Trinity and Autumn went to Phoenix with Kathie and Kayley to visit Kim. While Teagan and I were bored at home, these girls were having a blast! Let's have a peek at what their week looked like:

It turns out that, whatever they were doing, it involved drinks by the bucket-load!

New fashion?

I don't know about your, but the gal with the black feet should ask for her money back. I mean, seriously. That's a pretty messed up pedicure.

Vacation = pastries for breakfast in your underwear. Well, if I am being honest, I was doing that at home.

Who says noodles are only in pasta?

Water fight!


Water park fun!

So blessed to have these girls in our lives!

Autumn and Trinity also met up with Aunt Terry!

Giraffe feeding station. Must be pretty high up in the air. Duh.

The petting zoo is always a hit!

Bounce park. Is that a term? I don't know, but the place had a bunch of bouncy toys. Kids' delight!


Pulling her the plane! Welcome home girls!


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