Beach Wrap Up

I was finally able get through the photos for out trip. I know, I'm relieved too! This time it's more of a sampling of a few things that we did while on the trip. Over the course of four days or so...

We visited a lighthouse near Tillamook, Oregon. Yes, that's the place they make the cheese. I love cheese. Oh, this will also rank as one of the most painful little hikes for me since I was limping on a strained calf that I had just (foolishly) run 12 miles on. Duh.

Let's just say it wasn't all smiles. Not only does Autumn have wind blown hair, Teagan was a

No, the little detour didn't end well. He's a willful little guy!

We also visited an air museum. During World War II there was a naval air station in Tillamook that was the base for escort blimps. The museum was in the hangar, which was huge (about 1000ft long!). They had some cool old planes and some training simulators that the kids could play in. Fun!

Fun for all ages!

I guess Trinity didn't get the memo about smiling. Good picture of Lee and Lorna though!

We played board games...

We sat in stairwells and cried...just kidding. The kids are actually right at the bottom of the stairs. They wanted Autumn to watch them scoot up and down the stairs.

We also stopped in Arlington (Where all the windmills are). This little caboose that the kiddos are sitting in front of was closed. No tour...

So, we also watched ants. It's sort of funny, to me at least, that we stopped at the park to get the kids some fresh air and, wait for it, get the ants out of their pants. Okay, bad joke. It must be late.


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