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Spooktacular Event...

So, along with two other families, we helped organize and host a Halloween party's too darn late to do a proper post, so this is your official preview for things to come. The real deal will come tomorrow...

I chose this as the preview picture because, c'mon, things can only go up from here. Seriously though, we had at least 100 people show up for the event, it was fantastic! More coming soon...

Closing thoughts for the weekend...

My first thought:

It's very cool that I had my first real conversation with Trinity over the phone. It went:
Me: Hi Trinity
Trinity: Hi (although she pronounces it more like, "Hai!". That means yes in Japanese)
Me: How are you?
Trinity: Good
Me: Are you having fun?
Trinity: Yes

Okay, it's not the most sophisticated conversation, but it's a start.

My second thought:

Well, maybe I should leave the thinking to you guys. Take a look at these two pics and tell me there's not a resemblance. It could just be late and I'm a little punchy.

Just sayin'

A few pictures and another apology...

"Work wanted: mediocre button pusher guaranteed to make a special moment seems like all the boring ones. Dependable and consistent; you can count on me to make an easy task difficult. And I'll forget your name."That's the ad I could post regarding my photography skills. You'll see what I mean in a minute. Last week was a heck of a week, it was Autumn's first week back to work full time and Teagan's first week of full time daycare. In the mean time, enjoy most of the following photos.

Here's the offending photo. I took a couple more in this post, but the majority of the pictures were taken by Autumn, which is a very good thing. I couldn't even get the picture in focus. Sorry Autumn.

Here's a much better picture though, in a hat that's too small. Wardrobe malfunction? Maybe. Cute? Most definitely!

Autumn declared that Friday was "Take Your Teagan to Work Day". She called dibs on Teagan and left me out in the cold. …

Weekend update

Okay, so it's Wednesday and I am finally getting around to getting this on the blog. Ah well, that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Meanwhile, Teagan keeps growing and Trinity keeps having more fun! Let's get to it!

Mainly just a cute picture because of the outfit...and because Teagan's cute...
 Didn't know that we had a chain-smoker, did you?

Here's our little man, growing up so fast!

I thought that this picture was a little much, posing for the camera and all...but Teagan begged!

There was a straw bale maze at the park, which Trinity thought was pretty darn cool!

Running the gauntlet!

So Autumn has given up a lot of time with Trinity because of little Teagan. Let's give a big round of applause to all the moms out there that give day in and day out so their children can thrive. Thanks moms!

This might be one of the first times I have seen Trinity smile on the swing. Usually I have only seen her tolerate it for a little while. She was loving it…

Wait...what happened?

It's sort of like drifting off to sleep in the middle of a movie and then waking up about 15 minutes later to find out that you are about 3 plot twists behind. That's how I feel right now looking at the picture below. What happened? How did my little baby girl turn into this so fast?

I know it happened a little while ago, but every now and then I have a Trinity moment. It's a moment where I realize how fast she is growing up. It's usually followed by, "how did I get here?" That may sound like I don't know what's going on and am not paying attention. Maybe, but I think that life moves fast enough that you can miss things even if you're paying attention. Well, she's got my attention.

She also has mad face-making skills...

See? This might be a "Super-Olivia" face. I don't know. Lisa? What do you think?

I think Teagan is mildly amused. Or he could be pooping. You decide! Either way, he wins!
Regardless, he is not amused at being stripped …

Plumpkin Post

Okay, so the crux of this post has to do with our trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend. But before I get there, I had to use my new name for Teagan, which is in the title of this post. Okay, it's not like I am using this name regularly. I am really just proud of myself for thinking of it. So there you have it, it's just me tooting my own horn. But it's just a little toot. Let's move on before I get into the fart jokes.

So Teagan keeps begging me to post these picture of him. Yes, he wants this one posted for the ladies... Back off ladies, he's only 8 weeks old!

So, if there was ever trouble, these three are it. But at least they're cute. This is by far the most organized the three of them were all day. But it was a great time at the pumpkin patch over in Fruitland, at Purdum's Fruit Stand. They had tractors hauling people out all day long so that they could choose they're own pumpkin.

I do believe that Ava is running this show. I think that Alex knows the…