A few pictures and another apology...

"Work wanted: mediocre button pusher guaranteed to make a special moment seems like all the boring ones. Dependable and consistent; you can count on me to make an easy task difficult. And I'll forget your name."
That's the ad I could post regarding my photography skills. You'll see what I mean in a minute. Last week was a heck of a week, it was Autumn's first week back to work full time and Teagan's first week of full time daycare. In the mean time, enjoy most of the following photos.


Here's the offending photo. I took a couple more in this post, but the majority of the pictures were taken by Autumn, which is a very good thing. I couldn't even get the picture in focus. Sorry Autumn.

Here's a much better picture though, in a hat that's too small. Wardrobe malfunction? Maybe. Cute? Most definitely!

Autumn declared that Friday was "Take Your Teagan to Work Day". She called dibs on Teagan and left me out in the cold. There was no way I was going to be able to find another Teagan on such short notice. Oh yeah, what did he do? Mr. Excitement slept most of the time.

Lately Trinity has been growing, but not in proportion. We've been buying new shoes like crazy...

Her new shoes are SOOOO heavy that we have to make her do leg raises to strengthen  her little legs. 1,2,3,4...get those legs up!

Me and my boy.

Cider pressing + Little red wagon + little blonde girl = too much fun!

Trinity, in a loud voice, "Mom, I'm gonna go chase the chickens!"
Autumn, in return, "sounds great Trinity, but make sure not to lose any chickens since they're not ours!"

Trinity, shouting over her shoulder as she bolts towards the coop, "Okay mommy!"

Autumn asks, "Trinity where are the chickens?"
Trinity, in reply, "I dunno..."

Fortunately, Trinity found all the chickens that she had chased. She then rounded them up and put them in their coop!

After the chicken incident, Trinity decided that it was better to play with rocks. No one cares if a rock goes missing.

Meanwhile, Teagan slept.

This is what happens to a sleeping Teagan: he gets turned into a burrito. A burrito with a pink binky. Teagan told me to remind you that real men wear pink, plus it's for breast cancer awareness. I told him that he's full of it. He just smiled and reminded me how far the apple falls from the tree. Little turkey!


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