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Oh where do I start? I think that I may have written a blog post within the past 12 months, but it has been erratic enough that I'd have to look and honestly, if I do that there is a good chance that, I'll end up distracted and and before you know it, no blog post. So I'm not even going to look. As I side note, I took a creative writing in the spring and one of the main criticisms of my writing is that it's too loose. I use too many words. Wait, where was I?

Maybe that's because the teacher is a poet she tends to focus on shorter pieces. What happens though, is that I tend to lose my literary voice when I do too much editing, mostly because I don't do it very often. So in order to sound like me when I write, it comes across more...conversational and less precise. So it goes.

But I like that idea and I think that my writing is just fine the way it is for this format. If I really want to do more with my writing, I'll have to refine my craft. But really this i…

Too Much Information...and some advice from what I've learned

Hey Folks! I used to update this regularly. Not so much anymore. Since it's been so long since I've written here, I struggle with how to approach an update. Do I just update with the latest? Do I try to summarize since I last posted?  It's a tough thing to figure out! Fortunately I have a fantastic wife who is always ready with an idea for me!

As many of you know, I am in residential real estate appraisal. It's not glamorous or extraordinarily exciting, but I enjoy the work and I get to see a lot of houses. I get to see a wide variety of houses. In varying condition. It's...interesting sometimes. So occasionally I will regale Autumn with an anecdote about my day to either a) impress her (nope, doesn't work), b) make her laugh (more success here) or c) gross her out (easy!). It's funny because she's in medicine and enjoys assisting in surgery. The cutting, sawing, drilling, scraping, sewing, twisting, wrenching and other various manipulations of the huma…