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Well, it's done! We survived our first trip with the new trailer, traveling about 2000 miles and visiting 5 states in the process! This is a quick summary from some pictures on my phone, mainly so friends and family can get a feel for the trip. Enjoy!

Oh man, I'm going to get into trouble for this. Autumn doesn't even know about this picture...and yes, I shouldn't be fiddling with my phone while driving...on the freeway...while towing a travel trailer. But it was so hard to resist!

Certainly the most iconic sight that we visited. Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park! We camped near the west entrance to the park for a couple of nights, visiting the park and it's wildlife and natural wonders the second day.

Bubbling paint pots. You can hardly see the bubbles in this picture, but it looks like boiling hot cocoa.

We saw elk and bison while in the park, which was fun for the kids! In West Yellowstone, they have a wolf and grizzly discovery center, which is like a …