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Arizona, Part II (My Girls!)

I finished the training portion of my trip today, so the last two days are conference. I am relieved because the training portion is pretty intense and my brain is full and confused. The next two days should prove to be just as good, although I hope they are a little less intense. Having a bunch of different topics should be a little easier than two days of one topic.

Although the training has been intense, I have been thinking about my girls back home quite a bit. Autumn uploaded a few pictures from the computer at home so I could blog about them. She chose them without any input from me, and they were perfect!

Autumn and I put together a storage shed last weekend, with a little help from Trinity. I tell you what, she knows how to work that camera! I would like to say that she was excited to come to me, but she was more excited to come get the camera!As you can see in the background, Trinity has a new tent for the living room, which she loves to play peek-a-boo in. Autumn bought it at …

Post From the Road (Part I)

I left town yesterday for training and a work conference here in sunny Tucson, Arizona! It was about 75 degrees today, although most of my day was spent in a class room. Still, it's pretty nice here, plus I heard that it snowed in Baker today :(

Last weekend was a flurry of activity as we spent time with friends. We were at a birthday party on Saturday and a pizza party on Sunday. At the pizza party we hung out with some friends, all of whom have kids the same age as Trinity. Good stuff! What's really cool is that we have been joined by Zachary, who is featured prominently on this blog. He is about 15 months old and brings much-needed testosterone backup to our boy Alex, who has been fending off two women for most of his life. We all had a nice time in the back yard, eating Jennifer's homemade pizza...yum! Trinity had almost three pieces. As you can see in the picture, Ava is giving Zachary a welcome Welcome to the club, m'boy!

Home-style Weekend

I was in Boise last week for some training on Thursday and came home just in time to catch a stomach virus of some sort. But that didn't stop us from having some fun this weekend. We walked over to the park with Trinity and let her swing and go down the slide. She still isn't quite sure about the swing, but LOVES the slide. Check it out:
Here she is hanging with the other kids on the jungle gym.
This is Trinity-style; head first! The nice thing about the plastic slides is that the plastic stops her at the bottom before she can launch off the end onto her face. That's a good thing.
She also was on this frog-toad-snail thing that rocks on a spring. Fun? You betcha!
Then it was on to sticks, and when she wasn't collecting them...
...she was dancing with them. When she wasn't dancing with them...
She was singing about them. And when she wasn't singing about them, you guessed it...
...she was eating them! Is it normal for her to still put EVERYTHING in her mouth still?

Final Stop (Seattle Part III)

After we left Seattle, we traveled east of the mountains to Leavenworth, Washington, home of cute Bavarian buildings and three Christmas Tree lightings per year. You could say that they have a lot of tourism, but that would be an understatement. Needless to say, my mom was pretty excited to have us there. Well, she was thrilled that Trinity was there and was glad to see us too!
Mom doesn't have a tub, so the utility sink will just have to do. Judging by the look on Trinity's face, the sink was a good place to take a bath.
One thing Trinity started learning was how to go down the stairs. Up until now, she was mostly interested in climbing them. Ever since then, she wants to constantly go up and down stairs! Here she is demonstrating the backwards technique.
GREAT shot of Trinity and her grandparents!
Did I say she like stairs? Here she is demonstrating the "scooch" method that is still feet first, but facing forward.
And here is your random cuteness of the day!

More Family (Seattle Part II)

After a good visit with Nana, we headed back to chill out at my sister's house. Trinity had a go at the drums, but we decided that maybe we'd avoid the drumsticks that have wire on them. Wooden clubs are much less dangerous!
Trinity moves around the drum kit very well and she's is gaining a new appreciation for the cymbals!
Tuesday brought with it another trip to visit more family, this time we would visit my dad's side of the family. It was Trinity's first ferry ride where she could walk around, so it was quite an event! We stopped in and saw my cousins who live in California. It was really cool that we could be in Seattle the same week! The bummer is that we forgot to take any pictures! Bad us!
We arrived at my Oma's house for lunch around 11am. Trinity was sleeping when we arrived, so we let her sleep as long as she wanted. She had a little trouble napping the day before. She slept for a good couple of hours, then it was time for a good German lunch! We had so…

Friends and Family (Seattle Part I)

After our little delay (see previous post), we headed off on our adventure to see my family. Along the way, we stopped to see a friend of Autumn's from college. We hadn't seen her in about five years, so it was good to catch up and also to introduce them to Trinity. We were able to hang out with them, catch up a little and overall it was a really good visit. Hopefully it won't be another five years before we see them!
Nikey was 5 years old when we last saw her, she's grown up so much and was really great with Trinity!
After breakfast in Olympia, we headed up to Seattle, where we went to Easter Service with my sister and brother-in-law. They attend Grace Seattle, a church community in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. It was a cool service, much different than Autumn and I are used to, and we went to brunch after church at a local cafe. The food was really good and the company was even better. I used the timer on the camera and managed to get a decent shot of all of us, e…

Happy Easter!

Okay, so it was last weekend, but we've been out of town. There should be quite a few updates coming this week because we visited a TON of family up in Seattle. Until then, here's a little bit for those that want an update...

We meant to leave Friday, but a stinkin' storm came in and shut the freeway down just as we were leaving. So we stayed home one more night and left Saturday instead of Friday. Meanwhile, we took Trinity to her first Easter egg hunt at the park Saturday morning before we left. We thought that if we left a little later, the roads would be clear. We were right about the roads, here's some pictures of the Easter carnage:

They had sections roped off by age group, no parents allowed inside the rope. Fine by me, but Trinity was having none of it. The siren went off and Trinity ran like an escaped convict. She ran away from all the goods! We had to chase her down and get her back into the area where all the eggs and treats were. Once we had her back in the…