Arizona, Part II (My Girls!)

I finished the training portion of my trip today, so the last two days are conference. I am relieved because the training portion is pretty intense and my brain is full and confused. The next two days should prove to be just as good, although I hope they are a little less intense. Having a bunch of different topics should be a little easier than two days of one topic.

Although the training has been intense, I have been thinking about my girls back home quite a bit. Autumn uploaded a few pictures from the computer at home so I could blog about them. She chose them without any input from me, and they were perfect!

Autumn and I put together a storage shed last weekend, with a little help from Trinity. I tell you what, she knows how to work that camera! I would like to say that she was excited to come to me, but she was more excited to come get the camera!

As you can see in the background, Trinity has a new tent for the living room, which she loves to play peek-a-boo in. Autumn bought it at the book fair that the hospital puts on. It's been a ton of fun! In the foreground is Trinity in her new bucket. I am not entirely sure what to say about that, except that she's pretty stinkin' cute.

There are not many ways to contain a Trinity, but Autumn seems to have found one...


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