The end of a good thing

Okay, I am a fan of breastfeeding. That sounded weird. I don't like it for me, but for my kids. Autumn worked very hard at it, with wonderful results for Teagan and Trinity both. She was so successful that we are just now, 9 months after weaning Teagan, running out of frozen stores of breast milk for his bottles. Now, we haven't been giving it to him exclusively. He has been on cow's milk ever since he was a year old. It's been mostly for night time bottles. Unfortunately now that's over too. Here's our memorial service for breast milk:

Proud mommy...and she should be!

Yep, he loves him some breast milk!

And now, since that chapter is over and a new one is started, we'll talk about the grieving process. Poor little Teagan will likely be going through an extensive emotional adjustment. Let's see one scenario of how it might go:

The first reaction will be typical crying. He doesn't get what he wants, so he cries. Hey, don't we all?

At this point we are past the phase where he's upset, now he's just plain mad! It's usually best not to make eye contact at this point, as that is the best way to keep him from charging and goring you.

Now we get to the yelling phase. He's realized that crying and getting mad won't work. What's next? Yelling. He's actually calling us names during this phase. Names you usually only hear if you're a sailor. Don't worry, it's not personal.

Now it gets a little sad really. Now he's just whining and begging. He might even fake an injury to try and see if you're bluffing about running out of breast milk. This is likely the hardest phase to tolerate, but just stay strong.

Here's the ugly part. He's actually talking about how he'll remember this for the rest of his life. Therapy won't work. Boarding school won't save us from his eternal wrath. Empty threats, all of them. I hope.

But then everything will be fine and he'll want to take your picture. The end.

Oh yeah, more cute pictures:

Cute picture of the girls. The bruiser just wants to read.

Trinity is starting to read a little. It's more like memorization, but it's a start!

Is it bad that we let him do this?


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