Easter Installment #2, last one for sure!

To be fair, I am really over the Easter pictures. This is the last batch for this year. I promise. I am so far behind my other pictures that these just seem so, well, old. But don't worry, cute antics of cute kids rarely get old, unless repeated ad nauseam. I'll spare you that. Wait. TOO LATE! HAHAHAHA!

Yes, my kids like wearing other peoples' shoes. Sometimes they even wear two of the same kind.

Teagan has a weird thing with vacuums. He wants to play with them, then he wants them on. Then he wants them off. It's enough to drive a parent crazy! I finally heard about another child who obsessed over vacuums. He doesn't do it now, which I initially thought was encouraging. Then l learned he is 46 years old now. Hopefully we don't have to wait that long!

Baking cookies! Or was it cake? Does it matter? Licking the spoon rules!

My girls

First really good utensil usage. He is getting good at it now.

Fairly precise for 19 months!

Did I say obsessed? At least he's happy.

Oh yeah, this post is supposed to wrap up Easter. First egg-dying session!

The little wire hangars that they give you to lift the egg out always fascinated me. It does not hold the same sway over Trinity...fingers it is!

Yup, still there.

Back to the eggs dying...

And egg finding...

And the Easter Bunny! Warren is a fixture in our community for mostly negative reasons (it seems), but he has a good heart. And how can you not love the costume?

I think I had better keep one eye on my food and one on Teagan...

The church had a egg hunt too. I think Autumn is giving the blessing...

And they're off! Ethan is off to the races! They had to find one egg of each color.

Trinity was not off to the races. She rarely is. She's our little dreamer!

Dawson filling up his bag (Ethan's little brother)

Terrabinth is about as cute as they get!

Jaden is wondering why some guy is taking her picture...

Putting their heads together.

Teagan helping pick up eggs. He sure likes to help!

There was an Easter story told through each of the 12 eggs that the kids collected. Trinity had a hard time sitting still for the story part...

...but the part where you get a cookie and frosting is right up her alley!

It sure is great to watch our kids grow up and gain new experiences. It's even better to watch them smear frosting on a cookie and eat it. Happy Easter everyone!


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