Mamas are gone, but the sun came to play!

In general I don't blog during the day. I should, in fact, but working in the yard while I have a chance. But alas, this seems like more fun. Autumn is away on a getaway with friends (read: girls' weekend), so I am the proud owner of two really fun little kids this weekend. Yes, this blog post is way too up to date. I have pictures from two weeks ago that need to be looked at. But again, this seemed like more fun. So did going to the park. So that's what the kids a I did last night after dinner. We loaded up and went to one of the elementary school playgrounds to play. It's cleaner than the local park.

This picture makes the slide look really big. It's not too bad though. Trinity is pointing to the wood chips at the bottom of the slide. "Clean up, daddy, clean UP!"

Yes, Teagan went down the slide too. With (a very small amount of) assistance.

While the slide was good, Teagan preferred the wobbly bridge.

Trinity is growing up so fast. I can't believe she climbs this on her own already!

I believe the boy beside Teagan is named Ashton, but I don't know for sure. His dad was watching the little league practice while we were there. He wanted his picture taken, but you can see how my skills still need polishing.

Then it was books on the way home. They (mostly) kept their hands to themselves.

This morning David brought his kids over to play, since his wife is the same place mine is. So that's six, counting Ava, whose mom was also with my wife and whose dad was at a conference. Dad/kids ratio? 2/6, or 1/3. It's 2/6 is better though, because then you can have an adult conversation if you want. They came over and the weather was perfect! So, we brought out 100 little plastic balls. Because no one gets bored if there are 100 colorful balls laying around!


More purple

Then we grabbed the bounce house from next door...that's mayhem and fun all at the same time!

Originally we thought to keep just the older kids in. That lasted about two seconds until Byron found his way in while we weren't looking.

Teagan is a funny little boy!

By 10am it was getting hot and even a snack didn't get the kids to calm down. So we came inside and that seemed to work. It was pretty warm! The effects of 6 kids on a house are obvious.

More aftermath...

I am so glad the sun is finally making an appearance!


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