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Camping...hope you have broadband!

...because there are LOTS of pictures! We went out to Phillips Reservoir this last weekend with three other families. It was tons of fun, with enough kids, water and campfires to fill any good summer weekend! Enjoy the ride:

Ready to go! We took off after work on Friday, so the kids ate dinner on the way out.

We taught Trinity to blow on food when it's hot, but this is pineapple upside-down cake. What gives?

Teagan's napping place of choice. That first night was cold!

We each took a major meal. 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners means we each get one don't have to worry about the other three...NICE! Good thing the breakfast cooks took my order for bacon!

Taylor and Ashlyn were great all weekend. They even took a turn holding Maddie! Too cute

Saturday was beautiful! It was a great day to be in the water!

Teagan doing beach yoga. What's with the gardening implements?!?!

Everyone got in on the action, no one escaped without a little water. Except Jen. She'll get it net time...

Dad! Le…

Mid Week Luv

Sometimes there's events and sometimes it's just Tuesday evening. Here are a few photos from the weekend. It was sort of an event weekend, but we don't have any pictures to prove it. Miner's Jubilee weekend here in Baker is always a big event, with a rodeo and everything! Meanwhile, our little doggies are growing like weeds! Take a look:

Playing in the back yard. On the slide. Because you couldn't tell that from the picture...

Trinity was pretty good about wearing her sun glasses (goggles?), but she preferred them on her head like mom and dad.

I told you he was crawling! He actually likes to bear-walk on his hands and feet. What a nut!

Yup, pulls himself up on EVERYTHING now. Even rocking chairs. Yikes!

This happens too. Although, he falls softer than Trinity. I think that he is more coordinated than Trinity was when she started crawling. We don't have to worry about him bumping his head as much.

Teagan and Grandma!

Teagan and granddad!
That's about it for now, we …

A little catching up...

Teagan is really moving these days. Nope, no pictures or videos of it this post, but they're coming. Oh boy are they coming. Meanwhile, I'll miss the good old days, like this picture:

Sure was easier when he could only shift into reverse!

A reminder: kids like ice cream and Trinity is a kid. Of course she also liked rolling down the grassy hill.

Yes, this one should be extra big because it is extra cute! I tried to make it bigger, but it looked funny on the blog. I had sliced a bunch of watermelon when Teagan grabbed a rind and started gnawing on it. So I washed the rind off and let him go for it. It's hard to see, but he is completely sticky with watermelon juice. He LOVED it!

4th of July trifle. Autumn rocks.
Beware! This next set of pictures is a little graphic in nature, so proceed with caution!

Look at me watering mommy...

Hmmm, how does this thing work...

Maybe if I press this...or squeeze...

The funny part is that Autumn was watching this whole situation unfold. In…

4th of July

The 4th of July events that I remember growing up all had watermelon and firecrackers. Not fireworks, but firecrackers. You know, the dangerous kind that aren't legal anymore. We lived close to a reservation, so we would ride our bikes to the huge wooden  stands and spend all of our money on M-80's and Black Cat firecrackers. It appears that times have changed and that sort of thing is frowned upon. But I still get a three day weekend out of the whole deal and that's never a bad thing.

This year we took the kids up to my mom's house, where we hung out for a couple of days. The weather was mostly beautiful and the relaxing was good. My sister and her husband came over for a couple of days, which was awesome because we hadn't seen them since November of last year. I must be getting old because I didn't even try to get out and see fireworks. When we returned home, it was only three in the car this time. You see, we left Trinity with my mom for the remainder of the…