Camping...hope you have broadband!

...because there are LOTS of pictures! We went out to Phillips Reservoir this last weekend with three other families. It was tons of fun, with enough kids, water and campfires to fill any good summer weekend! Enjoy the ride:

Ready to go! We took off after work on Friday, so the kids ate dinner on the way out.

We taught Trinity to blow on food when it's hot, but this is pineapple upside-down cake. What gives?

Teagan's napping place of choice. That first night was cold!

We each took a major meal. 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners means we each get one don't have to worry about the other three...NICE! Good thing the breakfast cooks took my order for bacon!

Taylor and Ashlyn were great all weekend. They even took a turn holding Maddie! Too cute

Saturday was beautiful! It was a great day to be in the water!

Teagan doing beach yoga. What's with the gardening implements?!?!

Everyone got in on the action, no one escaped without a little water. Except Jen. She'll get it net time...

Dad! Let me out of here!

The snake pit. This is where we caged all the wild animals.

Hot cocoa for Trinity and coffee for me = the right way to wake up!

The way it goes when trying to photograph two kids and a mommy on a picnic table...

No, it never really got better.

Melissa and Maddie!


Pancakes! He's chewing, not frowning.

I think we were all like this a little that second morning...

The trike was a huge hit!

You an see who gets to drive most of the time...

Trinity was starting to use the pedals...good stuff!

Momma and baby boy. What a smiley little guy!

Kiddies on the boat the last morning. It was nice to have them out of the way while we packed up.

Autumn and Teagan coming down to meet the boat

It's like herding cats sometimes...

But Doug had a handle on the situation!

Trinity is finally free to go...

...I think we all felt a little like this on Sunday afternoon...zonkered!


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