A little catching up...

Teagan is really moving these days. Nope, no pictures or videos of it this post, but they're coming. Oh boy are they coming. Meanwhile, I'll miss the good old days, like this picture:

Sure was easier when he could only shift into reverse!

A reminder: kids like ice cream and Trinity is a kid. Of course she also liked rolling down the grassy hill.

Yes, this one should be extra big because it is extra cute! I tried to make it bigger, but it looked funny on the blog. I had sliced a bunch of watermelon when Teagan grabbed a rind and started gnawing on it. So I washed the rind off and let him go for it. It's hard to see, but he is completely sticky with watermelon juice. He LOVED it!

4th of July trifle. Autumn rocks.

Beware! This next set of pictures is a little graphic in nature, so proceed with caution!

Look at me watering mommy...

Hmmm, how does this thing work...

Maybe if I press this...or squeeze...


The funny part is that Autumn was watching this whole situation unfold. Instead of teaching Trinity about consequences, she went and got the camera. Sweet!

As you know, we went to my mom's house for the 4th of July weekend. Mom doesn't have a bath tub, but she has a big utility sink. She bathes all the kids in it. Here is Trinity enjoying her bath.

And here was Trinity in the same sink a little over a year ago. Amazing how much Trinity has changed in that time! Somehow she became a little girl!

This is the newest member of our family. We proudly introduce, Sinclair the bear. 53" of soft cuddly loving! Trinity just loves to sit on his lap!


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