4th of July

The 4th of July events that I remember growing up all had watermelon and firecrackers. Not fireworks, but firecrackers. You know, the dangerous kind that aren't legal anymore. We lived close to a reservation, so we would ride our bikes to the huge wooden  stands and spend all of our money on M-80's and Black Cat firecrackers. It appears that times have changed and that sort of thing is frowned upon. But I still get a three day weekend out of the whole deal and that's never a bad thing.

This year we took the kids up to my mom's house, where we hung out for a couple of days. The weather was mostly beautiful and the relaxing was good. My sister and her husband came over for a couple of days, which was awesome because we hadn't seen them since November of last year. I must be getting old because I didn't even try to get out and see fireworks. When we returned home, it was only three in the car this time. You see, we left Trinity with my mom for the remainder of the week, which ended up being a really nice thing for everyone! Here's some a pictures of the weekend.

Some of my favorite photos of Trinity are of her running. Go Trinity, go!

On Sunday, Teagan spent most of the day in only a diaper. Now THAT's the life! It was fun to spend that much time with family and not feel like I had to get out and mow the yard or something.

My beautiful family! Although the kids seem to have mixed up their hats...

I think that I like these pictures because Trinity is obviously enjoying herself so much. If we all could feel like this when we ran, we wouldn't have to worry so much about what we eat.

If you didn't think they were brother and sister, this picture should lay to rest any doubts.

Trinity with my sister Coleen and her husband Jason. Nice picture!

Trinity loved playing in the wheel barrow...

Of course, so did Teagan!

It certainly was a time of lazy mornings and sitting around. My mom made Trinity foamed milk every morning. After we left, my mom said that she and Trinity would sit down and practice flash cards while they sipped their "lattes". Good times!

And then there's us boys.  I think he has my hairline...cheers!


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