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I'll likely make this short and sweet because it is late and I want to sleep. We had our first decent snowfall in town last week and we too advantage! No we didn't get up to the mountain like so many others, but we did have a few steep runs of our own!   A little shoveling and we have launch ramp! I decided a while back to see if we could use the play structure during the winter. So I swept off the roof and floors, then packed a little on the ramp (that is usually used for climbing) and dug the toboggan out of the garage. Turns out it worked! I think it's a hit! Even the reserved one had fun! Teagan had a great time digging and scooping snow. Usually he isn't a fan of the cold, but he's been digging it recently! Get it? "Digging" it? Ah, what do you know about funny? This afternoon, with balmy temperatures about freezing, it was time... Our first family snowman! It was sort of a family effort... But you can see who did most of the heavy lifting! Go Autu…