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Trinity's First Camping Trip!

Trinity and I went down to Hell's Canyon for a short camping trip with our neighbors. Autumn was on call, so she and Teagan had some quality time together. Trinity went down on Friday morning and I joined in on the fun after I left work. It's a little interesting because, unless you want to camp on the hillside, you have to set up your tent on the asphalt. But that's okay, since it's camping!

Not more than a few minutes after I arrived, Trinity has fallen on the asphalt and closed her fingers in the trailer door. Poor kiddo! I think her mom won't let me do this alone again...

Ernie and Ivy came with us and Ivy always had a big spread of food laid out for us! I think Trinity's favorite part was sitting with the big people!

After Dinner, it was time for a boat ride. Oops, is she licensed to drive that thing?

Ernie sitting in the back, enjoying the show...

Kal needed to ski before bed so that is what we did. I jumped in the river but refrained from swallowing lots of w…

10 Months, Fathers and Funny Pictures

Our little boy turned 10 months old last week. I can't believe it. Yes I can, because he's crawling! There's a video to prove it, I'll have it up soon. I promise!

Mr. Serious here for the pictures. Reminds me of a teenager. Okay, reminds me of me as a teenager. Sullen.

$5 yard sale fun. Trampoline from the 80's. The best thing about this is that we played Bocce ball later on that evening and we used the trampoline for bonus points!

Teagan's making a break for it. It's a whole new world for the little guy, now that he's getting mobile. I gues that means a whole new world for us too. Child proofing, here we come!

I suppose a good subtitle for this post is "the many bad pictures of Teagan". This one was just too funny to pass up!

So there were these steaks that I was going to grill up and throw in the fridge for lunches. So I started cooking them on the grill last night and then watered the flowers. Then I went to bed. The above photos show what happe…

A couple of funny things...

I think that it's been a few days again since I have updated this thing. Nothing event-driven here. Seems like we have been doing quite a bit, so this is a good break from the routine. But it's not that much of a break from routine, since it's about my kids. I know, I know, you're shocked. Ha! But that's what you get here!

We've been toying around with potty training for quite a while now, and to her credit, Trinity is usually game for hopping up on the porcelain throne to try and take care of business. Not much success, which is just fine. She tries really hard, plus it's where she reads her Bible stories! Evidently it is also where she tries on new shoes...

It's getting a little more difficult to get Teagan to smile. Not hard, but harder. I think this is his approximation of a school portrait, if one could go to school at age <1.

A couple of weeks ago, Autumn bought Trinity a sleeping bag. It is orange and has a tail. Needless to say, she LOVED it. Th…

Sawtooth Relay 2011

Autumn and Jennifer had been planning to run the Sawtooth Relay for months. They were a little nervous about how to train for two separate runs in less than twelve hours, but the fact that they had just trained for an ran a half marathon aided their race fitness. They registered a team of six with an estimate of 10 minute miles. That had them starting at 3am. Ouch. The Race started Friday night at midnight, so Jennifer and Autumn drove over Friday morning. Kal and I flew over in his plane after work. As it turned out, we landed as they were struggling to finish putting up our tent for the night in gusty conditions. It turns out that it was a little "three stooges", with the tent actually ending up on the runway at one point.

The Sawtooth Mountains are rugged, even in the fog.

Kal and I made it in just as the cloud  closed in around us.

Off we went to have dinner with the team. Kal just couldn't be stopped!

How'd he get here too?

The intrepid racers. Special prize for the …