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Therapy Notes

Blogging can be therapy. So can having embarrassing photos of you published on the web. Of course, it can also couse one to need therapy. Fortunately I have never put photos on here that were THAT bad. But we have some fun ones today!

When we take Trinity to therapy in Boise on Wednesdays, we stay at my dad's the night before. Then, right before we leave, Trinity gets to wake Sue up. I think that it makes Trinity's day! Side note: Sue, in case you were wondering how I got this photo, I took your camera out of your purse Saturday when you weren't looking. Then I put all the photos on our computer. Then I slipped the camera back into your purse. That's my confession. Cute pic!

Teagan turned 9 months last weekend. Well, a week and a half ago. Autumn has been taking photos every month on the big brown chair. This time Trinity wanted to help get Teagan to smile. The problem is that Teagan likes to do whatever Trinity does. More importantly, he wants everything she has. Let…

The Great Idaho Potato Marathon, Part 2

Last post was a bit of a tease, what with the title being completely inaccurate. But this time we'll bring you a real race update and a few photos to boot. I am a little disappointed that I didn't get any action shots this year, but we had a really nice day!

Autumn and Jennifer have been training for the Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon. I think that the title actually states "marathon", but these gals were training for the half, so that's what we'll call it! They drove over Friday afternoon so that they could stay in Boise the night before the race. That would make race day a little more relaxing. Kal and I flew over with the kids the morning of the race and met them at the finish line. I was hoping to see them run, but we were running a little behind and I second guessed when they would finish, so we missed them until they crossed the line. 13.1 miles is a long way to run, so it's a great accomplishment to finish the race! Way to go girls!

Here's Tr…

The Great Idaho Potato Marathon, Part 1

Okay, the subtitle of this post (unofficial of course) is "Or, a bunch of stuff that we took pictures of before we went to Boise for this event." Or something like that. Either way, there are actually no pictures of the Idaho Potato Marathon in this post. There, now that we have that out of the way, we can proceed.

Trinity has a bike with no pedals. Kind of a cruel joke if you ask me, but it's supposed to help with balance, for when they start riding the real deal. My mom was the victim here, as Trinity wanted Teagan to hop on with here. There have probably been better ideas out there...

Speaking of better ideas, how about this? Teagan just want out of here.

On Mother's Day, Trinity helped Autumn make cookies to take to a couple of other mothers. 

Wearing the pretty dress was not the best plan...

Trinity dropped a few things while she was stirring. Fortunately she is very conscientious and very nicely put everything back where it belongs. Hygienic? Not so much.

But thanks …

The view around here...

The view around here can be funny, serious, even a little scary. And I mean that in the best way. Really. But mostly what I mean is that, at any given time, behavior is captured on film that is, well, worth explaining. Of course, maybe not. Maybe you do the same things as we do and we're really not as odd I as I think we are. That would be nice, but not very likely.

I am tempted to make a joke about sitting on the potty, reading the paper. The truth is that Trinity prefers to read her Baby Bible when she goes to the bathroom. Sometimes truth is funnier than fiction. We even play a game where Trinity looks through the Bible, asking "Jesus?" at every picture. Then I have to answer that it is indeed the Christ, or I have to explain who the guy is in the picture. Fun stuff. Odd though.

Just Trinity and I  captured at our best. Why do I make these faces?

Here Teagan, let me dial for you...

Sorry, wrong number... (have I mentioned that these two might be trouble in a year or two...…

Road Trip!

We traveled top Spokane, Washington this last weekend for a couple of reasons. The first was to see some friends that Autumn and I don't see NEARLY enough. We stayed with them for a night and then moved downtown for the last two nights so that we would be close in to town for the start of Bloomsday. Bloomsday is a 12 kilometer road race that draws about 50,000 people each year. I know most of you don't like crowds, but it's hard to deny the kind of energy that comes from an even this large. Here's how the weekend played out:

It is almost always really cold the morning of the race. Tradition has it that you bring a shirt to keep warm and then chuck into a lilac tree as the race starts. They collect the shirts and donate them to the homeless, I think. Autumn forgot her disposable, so she ran with this after she took the long sleeves off. Cutie patootie!

The Kelleys joined us, even Kal's sister Joncee drove in from Montana to run with us. 

The weather could not have been…